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Is there a discount code or free shipping for styleforum members? I remember reading something about it previously but can't find it.
  But really though that's pretty dope.
Somebody added my number to one of the comprehensive sites that give your information to EVERY fucking auto insurance company there is. I get called non stop.
lol, manufacturing product quality control ;)
Sooo many better options. Please don't buy that. Stowa Steinhart Maybe a Tag if you aren't a hater.   That's just assuming you want something new. With 1500$ you can buy double that retail on the used market.
I have two pairs in navy and grey. Picked them up in store when they were doing a sale discount for college students. They're pretty slim fitting as far as chinos go. Pulled a pair out of the laundry and took two photos just so you can see. I'm 5'10 150# and sorta lanky.  
this is so hot i had to bump it
That has to be a joke.
Woot. Thanks!
Is there still time to get something MTM'd before this all goes down?
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