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I got mine done in April 2008. I couldn't use Systane and other drops because the preservatives dried my eyes out even more. I was put on Bion Tears, which doesn't have any preservatives, and they worked pretty well.
Cliff is mailing me my boots. I'll post pics upon receipt. He also advised that he is currently working on a softer last similar to the 82 last.
Pics of the pulling on and welt sewing
His regular last. I might look into the chiseled last after I see how this pair is.
Pics of the upper and making the insole. The pictures are only used as a rough guide and may not show the true colours and the leather is unpolished.
Quote: Originally Posted by kolecho Those trees look hinged. Fantastic. Those are the lasts. However, the trees are hinged if you look back at the photos I previously posted.
Cliff must be following this thread or read your mind Orgetorix. He just sent me these pics of the last and trees.
They do look shorter, but I'm not sure if it's just due to the angle the photo was taken at. Cliff didn't have a last in my size, so he had to get a pair made. I'm guessing the lasted trees would have been made at the same time.
Cliff just sent me some teaser pics. Apologies for the small size, as this is what he sent me.
I'm in. +1 for Oxblood
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