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A former associate of mine who owned a huge marketing business used to carry all his paper work to office meetings in an old Paddy Palin H-frame canvas pack (yes, holes and all). No one batted an eyelid; after all he was the boss earning around six million each year (early 1990's)!!! He was a classy dresser too.
They look fine, perhaps a tad long but it depends on what you like. The hip looks good.
Learn how to sew and do your own tailoring. Practice on a cheap pair of trousers from the local op shop the first couple of times and purchase a good book on the subject eg Reader's Digest Book of Sewing. You'll enjoy tailoring your own trousers, jeans etc as it's not that difficult. I began six years ago because I needed to hem a pair of pants and it's led to me not only tailoring my clothes but producing bushwalking gear such as sleeping bags, tents, packs, rainwear,...
New Posts  All Forums: