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I do not the shirt enough justice, nor the picture, but it is a great garment. And yes, I need a new pair of sweatpants, but was hoping Epaulet would do something slimmer.
Can someone explain to me what is the purpose of a linen overcoat? In what situations and weather it should be worn? Thanks
When are those moccasins expected?
Here in Japan, my observation is that, younger people wear single vest jackets. 40+ years old group wears double vest. My most conservative suits have double vest jackets. But, as someone mentioned, it is about the body type. No belly body for me looks better in single vest. 
I would include the two holes Lanvin sneakers have on the inner side of the shoes. It really helps ventilate the damp in the sneakers, while the sport trainers are great, my feet get wet after some 10-5 min cycling to the station or while running between changing trains.  Also, would prefer a single color or very close toned shoes. Anything in white on a shoe is just to hard to maintain for me. 
About abuse of the return policy, I have quite an opposite story. Last week, I bought two pairs of sport shoes (running shoes and futsal shoes) from the official webstore of Adidas for Japan. The running shoes pair fits like a glove, the futsal shoes pair is obviously smaller and narrower. However, the online purchase agreement states that I cannot return them unless they have made mistake with the color of the good or sent me different goods or one of the pair has...
First purchase, very happy with the quality of the socks and the colors and the turnout of the order - within two weeks I got them to Japan. No taxes or duties paid. Definitely would be looking at their winter offerings. 
Guys, quite new to the brand here, but I have a question. Kind of understanding the price points for linen knitwear, but what does make a merino sweater by Inis Meain more expensive than Scottish cashmere sweater by Jonhstons for example?
I might have missed this but would be there any sweatpants?
I guess I should ask directly, but do you think that Miyagi Kogyo would be able to place a metal toe taps on their MTO shoes? What is their benefit in longer term?
New Posts  All Forums: