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^ If you ever want to let it go...
https://*****************/listings/203690-Maison-Margiela-Tan-Whiskey-5-Zip-Moto    $500 tan 5 zip in 52 dunno if there's weird stuff on the shoulder though
Pics of beige?  (too small/i can't trade) but that sounds like a dope makeup
Stock slowly trickling in 
respost, testing waters. grails, rare, won't see these again, etc. plaster versions from ss16 are cool but the OGs are the OGs. best gat with margiela's signature painted treatment over substantial suede. Hello! I'm selling a lightly worn pair of Maison Martin Margiela Painted German Army Trainers (size 42). These are a rare find from the Spring / Summer 2010 collection and have been worn ~10 times. Shoes have always been stored with shoe trees. Come with the original...
Junya Watanabe X Hervier Productions Chore Coat Size L (fits 48-50). 10 Corso Como special edition measurements:  shoulders - 19  chest - 22  back length - 28  sleeves - 25.5-26 Excellent condition, little to no fading, canvas is still tough yet comfortable to wear. Extremely solid piece. Sleeve hems can be cut off for raw hem/undercover vibes if you want, that's what I was gonna do but it's a bit tight on me. Dope pocket details across the front and back. +...
slowly realizing how cool EG is...anybody have a lead on a navy loiter jacket from ss16?  L probably.  I did a quick google and checked some stockists that I use for other brands, but I know I'm probably missing a bunch.
Both knits @ SP look great.  I want to luv chunky schneider pullovers so bad but I feel like they're tricky to make work, anybody happen upon pics of jumper reason worn?
fw16 patterned overcoat looks really nice   i ended up getting the 52 olive/khaki bomber from ss16 i wanted (ty @CityHunter), but turns out the sleeves are a little long for me.  You can definitely size up on this if desired though, I don't think a 50 would've worked for me for the fit I wanted.  i could alter (?), but if anybody is interested feel free to shoot me a PM
Anybody have sizing advice for the chester coat this season? 5'10 170-175 40-41 chest usually a 50, L?  M even cuz lengths/body width?  Measurements are different from different websites, but usually prefer no less than a 22.5" chest (~23 is ideal) but of course this depends on the type of garment.  Thanks guys.
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