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I'll remove this if it isn't allowed, but anybody care to guess what these fabrics are?  Everything reads purple on my screen - I was able to get confirmations of wine and navy for the first 2. Other ones look like a plum melange, darker/redder melange, navy-black, and the next two I don't really have any idea they look 'painted over' though         edit/ long shirt color options via cruvoir
Looking for the OG Merino in black, probably need a 5 but might give a 4 a shot.
Looking for the OG Merino in black, probably need a 5 but might give a 4 a shot.
Re: long shirt it looks like it's a relaxed and/or drop shoulder style though, not sure if that changes sizing considerations.  Sizing up and tailoring as necessary might be the move.  
Had the cart page open, "I'll do it in the morning"      On the bright side...you guys are stocking the navy hopsack bumfreezer, right?
Did you guys happen to see the long shirts in the showroom? Thoughts, if any? The pricing is definitely more shirt-like than jacket-like which leads me to believe it might be thin/delicate for an over shirt
 If someone from here picked this up and it doesn't work out for them, let me know - would love to give it a shot.  It got discounted pretty far (farther) iirc not sure when it sold, definitely in the past couple days.  
 I'm in the same boat...don't know whether to go 5 or 6.  Still waffling, I'm 5'10 so a 5 is ideal length wise but I'm afraid of filling out the shoulders/back and losing the cool drapey look.  6 might just look too big all around though.  I'm assuming the model is TTS with his usual 4?
A couple questions on the bumfreezer.   1.  I want navy, and 4est looks super dope in the pic.  Any favorite/standout make ups between the 3 fabrics for the bumfreezer specifically or is it just more personal preference?  I actually sort of find myself leaning towards the basic mixed navy (if that's what he has on) but I haven't seen/felt any of the fabrics in person.  Opinions welcome - also considering grey, hopsack green, and black herringbone as dark horse...
Yes, that coat. "Coat of the season". Well below retail (and sale) prices, brand new with tags, size 4 would fit an L or XL. Amazon silk blue lining, sashiko stitching is very nice and quilting adds another dimension. Approx measures: Shoulders - 19" Chest - 23.25" Back Length - 34.5" Sleeve - 26.5" (also look good cuffed) +shipping/4%
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