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what is with the ant-like sizing on the pullovers?     Anybody seen the cashmere shawl coat in person?  Looks underwhelming online
@LA Guy Would you consider making dope wool coats with Luxire?  I know you're doing the leather thing for now, but I think there would definitely be a market for long coats with nice fabrics, good styling w/ options, MTM options (like accounting for shoulder type), etc.  at good bang-for-buck prices.
Looking for dope black high tops that have a similar profile to Rafstros (chunky up top, slim-ish at the foot).  So far looking at velcros, CP bball highs (recent season silhouette not the older one), any recs?
If anybody is interested in a grey wool check bomber (size IV) from a/w 08 PM me.  Thought I'd post here since I'd rather sell it to someone who actually checks this thread/will appreciate it.  It's super dope just too small - fabric, ribbing, and pattern are gr8.  Just trying to pass on a deal, would gladly trade for V.    [[SPOILER]]
Might be too small (Attachment 3).  We'll see when it arrives, seller was super chill.  If anyone's interested willing to pass on the deal and/or trade for a similarly cozy long coat that fits a little bigger  
^drop more Ervell knowledge pls.  I'd cop the mechanics if it was an L.  What do you think of the overcoat fabrics/overcoats in general this season (if you've seen them)?  
@malti001 Can you do a brief shape comparison too with pics? Would be interesting / informative
Anybody have pictures of cuts similar to this (slightly shorter / less dramatic versions pref)?  I like the sides - shaved near the temples but longer everywhere else.   I might not be able to do this cuz asian though   
I've gone the full cycle of love --> hate --> sorta like again with those.  Ripple sole is sexy though.
Is the memory wool less thick/structured than the merino?
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