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^ Along those lines, anything interesting in NY next weekend? Posted this in CM by accident earlier
1 year bump?     Looking for a couple dope stores with male/female stuff preferably with some sales since tis' the season for steep discounts.  Female half leans towards monochromatic stuff i.e. Helmut, Totokaelo, but also urban/asos/etc.     Despite being in NY a good amount, haven't really ventured too far outside of the main Soho road (so I've been to..say..Opening Ceremony, but nothing much more interesting then that).  Will be in Soho to check out COS for some...
I like em, but the forefoot/toe seem flat because of the forward vamp (? ankle entrance).  This + the thin sole makes em look a little weird imo
Hey - more of an interest check and would rather trade for a slightly larger version, unless I'm really blown away by an offer.   Open to different colors.   Bought this recently, it fits but I could use something with more room in the pit to pit and shoulders especially.   A 50 or 52 would probably work depending on season as long as if its bigger than the measurements below. tagged sz. 48 fits tts, works for many sizes depending on desired fit knit blend of 85%...
Dope gonna get a YKK #10 + either offset sleeve pocket or back anorak pocket thanks
Didn't know where else to put this, thinking about a DIY job On this:   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   Worth it?
What was the deal with red wing postmans and something about being only available in japan?  Might pick up a pair soon, can't tell the different (if any) between models.  Alternatively would be down for a slightly sleeker but similar all black derby.  A middle line between the postmans and CPs would be peeeeerfect
+1 on grey chelseas I will be waiting, maybe even possible with a storm/winter sole option? 
Dope shirt that was popular on the forums a while back.  Worn a couple times but too big for me.  Will get actual pics /measurements up soon - don't hesitate to PM for pics/measurements though.  Mine is the "regular fit" XL --> fits like a L for the most part.  Curved hem version.     Nice, thick, soft flannel.  Nice collar, especially for a flannel.  Will work for an L with some length or a slim XL.
Grail from years past.  Still have that cool shape that was unique to the W+H versions of this Dayton collab.  These boots were built to last - leather around the ankle is still super supple.  This is the 'black suede" version but it's more of a dark grey and feels more like treated leather (nubuck) than traditional suede.     These are well worn, but have plenty of life left in them.  Topy-ed, although they could stand to be re-topyed.  The black sole has faded to...
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