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Dope subtle tartan check parka, tagged L fits slim so will work for M or slim L (duh). check the funnel hood. Brushed texture, almost sueded but it's 100% poly so it wears well.  still looks almost the same as when it was new. when w+h didn't suck. 3 season wear spring fall winter for the dopeness. fw-many years ago it's held up amazingly well + will continue to, super high quality synthetic brushed poly, sexy zipper/zipper tape.  would keep and never let go if this...
IC: Brand new with tags. Retail $1K 55% cashmere, 45% wool, insanely plush yet dense/compact fabric. Size 6. Most luxe fabric I've felt from Schneider, and I've owned a lot of pieces.  Also doesn't feel fragile or delicate like Schneider can. Camel ("desert"/beige) cashmere + dark charcoal knit wool liner. Drape is great, fabric hand is       Works really nicely as a layer, as shown in the picture last picture on the far right and fit pics after that.  Is also a great...
grail-level fishtail, probably a size too big for me which is disappointing since I've wanted this for a while. Labeled size 54 will work for an XL or a taller L-XL.  quality is robust (super dope wool outer + technical fully taped interior makes for the perfect steezed out weatherproof parka - ie it's snowproof/rainproof/etc) and I would not sell if this fit.  dope shapeable hood, hardware is solid/shiny and nice and this isn't excessively heavyweight or dumb thick so...
^TTS for Nike flyknit stuff or TTS in general?  Most people size up 1/2 a size on flyknit stuff, yea?   edit/ whoops meant in regards to sock dart sizing.  for the record i'm 1/2 size up on everything flyknit pretty much
9.5 in normal vans slip ons (suede) = 8.5 or 9 in the ss16 eg x vans?
^For a relatively cheap option: Harmony Paris, I didn't like the grey hopsack in person (too lustrous) but I bet the other colors (navy/black) are nice.  They had ma-1 versions from ss15 (I had/sold) you might be able to find, have bombers with big pockets which I like more for ss16 - wait for sales.  lemaire (garbadine), komakino - (oversized garbadine, but too oversized imo) ....dunno there's probably more Edit/ Schneider will usually release something bomber-esque each...
whoops wrong thread
probably delayed but some here, mostly sold out maybe you're one of these big people sizes? @OccultaVexillum   http://www.ubiqlife.com/free-flyknit-mercurial-white-pure-plat-univ-red-wt-805554-100.html?utm_source=linkshare&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=je6NUbpObpQ&utm_content=10&siteID=je6NUbpObpQ-XFQISpMKdtJCx6Wc2zbpiQ
Looked for an Issey thread and didn't find one...Does anybody have a list of Issey stockists?  International is cool.  Looking to pick some stuff up from this season.   I have: mohawk general matches fashion farfetch saks/nordstrom but not really selfridges ssense
slept on these multiple times, want a nice pair of lighter trousers for s/s and early fall.  can make a 5 or 6 work.  thanks in advance.
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