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198 CAD left to be fulfilled.   Get this at an additional discount to an already 20% discount @ probably the lowest retail price you'll see this cardigan at the start of the season (before most vendors put anything up).
Unique pair of Rick Boots that have an amazing shape. We all like blobby Rick, but sometimes you want something different. Shape is a bit like CPs but way more balanced / better overall. Think Dior-esque but with a bit of Rick blobbiness thrown in, esp from the side profile. This isn't one of the super thin soled versions of the side zip - the sole has some heft to it. Insane quality, made in Italy, vibram soles, super comfortable, shiny heavy duty zippers, and barely worn...
:I how low must I go
Very comfortable + sleek dark navy felted wool smock top from Swedish purveyors of minimalist chic COS. Tone on tone black zipper keeps things discreet. Open hem + open hem sleeves allow for maximum flow. If you dislike banded ribs (esp tight ones), this is for you. Check out the drape. Versatile, a great layer, new without tags - size XL. Will work for a bigger L as well. Dope, flattering, just a solid piece. 72% wool, 25% nylon, 3% cashmere. The nylon helps the...
Really nice layering piece from COS. Size XL, I'd say it fits true for a 'modern' fit or an L for a looser fit, especially a tall L. 100% wool. Nice sleek silver zip. Just a great piece for cheap. Black. Banded hem (it's not tight, it actually drapes loose) for a blouson-like silhouette. Cool stuff. Will accept reasonable offers. New without tags. check out my other listings for 70-80%+ off Ffixxed, Stephan Schneider, Dries, CDG, Minotaur, Peir Wu, CP Company, and...
If anybody missed out on SS17 pre-orders...  [[SPOILER]]
 Looks dope.  Do you have a pic of the back?
Nice - it's gorgeous in person, had me wishing there was still a 50 left.
I'd try calling them now - they close @ 9 but I was just in the store, might pick up.
A local (US) boutique is closing :(.     If anybody is looking for a 56 Field Jacket in the navy flannel nailhead fabric (not sure if discounted) or Thompson cardigans in M/XL for a hefty (worth your time) percent off, they're a good bet. They also have other stuff like the 5lb cashmere sweater, SS16 stuff including a nice printed shantung blazer, etc.   But again not sure if everything was discounted or if it was just the Thompson cardigans.   Hint:  Pittsburgh +...
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