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if anybody picked up the "yoox 9" aka 8.5 in those and they don't work out, would love a PM.   just barely too slow...legit just made a wtb ad earlier today haha.  don't mind paying a bit extra  .  Actual 9 might work too.
Whoops, just missed out on these.  Looking for a pair in good/close to new condition. thanks
Finally found a Schneider knit that works for me - looking to complete the collection.  Thanks.
You guys who got carnivores, did you size up from flyknit?  Wondering if sizing up might fit some of the fit issues?
Slept, looking for this.  M or L.  thanks.
Please add $13 for shipping.  Blurry pictures attached :)     hello friends - last drop Note - reposting. I wore these once, and there is some additional dirt on the suede on both shoes. Purely cosmetic and I imagine removable. Really dope deer leather, just didn't work for my proportions. Priced accordingly. Fit about TTS, will fit 9-9.5. Possibly a narrow 10.
You guys know what this is - pretty rare in black I believe.   Compare the price to other leathers.  Let that sink in.     The sell below:     RRP $3.4K. Like new. Rare and from several seasons ago. I instakopped at this price - a touch tight, just passing the deal on. Size 50 - arguably the best-designed leather jacket in existence. Margiela's been producing variations of the 5-zip for decades, it was cool then and will continue to be cool into the future. You...
So was the consensus on the shawl collar coat that the fabric was pretty bad? Thinking about the dark green version - don't mind it being somewhat thin, but fabric hand/warmth is important
What pant cut are these (fw16)?  Would love to know what boots those are too.  
Hi,   I own a 4 in the navy/black that is potentially up for trade.  I think I'd be better off with a 3.  Might be willing to add some cash to make it worth your while, depending on the color.  Also interested in just outright purchasing the all black version in a 4, or any version in a 3.  The 4 is just a touch long on my 5'10 frame, I wish it was an inch or so shorter.     Measurements for my 4:   shoulder knit starts 19 shoulder knit ends 21.5 chest 22 bl...
New Posts  All Forums: