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Camel or the striped navy/black oh man
Is it possible for dudes with rounded shoulders without a lot of natural width (i.e. somewhat narrow bone structure, but with some meat on said bones) to not look like a gorilla with raglan sleeve stuff?  I half-want to get this    http://thearrivals.com/mens-lee-macintosh-coat   but I have a feeling it's going to look bad on me, especially from the back with the way the seams are.  I tried their storm parka and the fit was pretty terrible, shoulder construction is a...
Modern slightly oversized wool coat, updated fishtail/parka, your version of a puffy goretex/similar MA-1. Just newer, doper versions of stuff - I personally don't want to see re-issues that are too similar but others might disagree. Nicer/more interesting non-leather materials (i.e. on the wool coats - I thought the suiting wool MA-1 was a cool step in that direction, just not what I was personally looking for)Edit/Of course, updated CWU-45 type jacket. Hopefully with...
 Yea I think they work well for some people - just feel a little too pointy/sleek/streamlined for the laid back vibe I was going for.  Unfortunately there's not a lot of alternatives (W+H, CP) I can find in my size right now so I might be out of luck for an alternative
The main difference I see between these and other slip ons I've been looking at  (with the same sole) is that the vamp is a little longer.   I think this is what makes them feel narrower, which doesn't work for my wide feet and makes the almost look like hotel slippers on my feet (just from the top/front).   Could just be pictures though, but that's what it's beginning to seem like.  Probably gonna have to return my pair..
Got my pair of greats slip ons, they're sleeker than expected.  I'm not sure that's a good thing for what I had in mind for them though?  All white gives vague reminders of nurse shoes. They look dope from the side and back but weird from the front...might just be my wide feet
Would like to pick one of these up.  I'm interested in anything close to a normal "50".  a 48-49 might work, a 51-52 might work too.  Just PM me with measurements if you have them, I'll take a look and figure out if they'll work for me.
Looking for basic tech-y shorts in white, navy, and black.  Don't have to all be the same.  Zipper pockets are cool.  Nylon/wool/tech material.   Anyone have any leads?
^ Along those lines, anything interesting in NY next weekend? Posted this in CM by accident earlier
1 year bump?     Looking for a couple dope stores with male/female stuff preferably with some sales since tis' the season for steep discounts.  Female half leans towards monochromatic stuff i.e. Helmut, Totokaelo, but also urban/asos/etc.     Despite being in NY a good amount, haven't really ventured too far outside of the main Soho road (so I've been to..say..Opening Ceremony, but nothing much more interesting then that).  Will be in Soho to check out COS for some...
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