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@Murlsquirl   thanks!  AE toe shapes look to be a little narrow, but I"m a SWD guy who is used to chunky footwear.  Do you possibly have a recommendation for a specific AE model(s)?    Also, a quick search on grailed makes it seem like I might be able to get Aldens within that higher end of that range (150), was looking at a ptb but not sure if that's appropriate for my use case?  Last/toe shape looks a little wider, which I appreciate
also would like to know about this, thinking of getting giaguaro's if I can find them for super cheap but might just hop on mykita's or something established/nicer if there's a noticeably diff in quality
it's silky and smooth for sure, it had me thinking 'what is this???' trying to find a materials tag.  fabric was great. you might want to double check on sleeve length though since you're pretty tall?
^ I tried it on, I'm a 48-50 in most shirts (non-geller) and tried on a 48 and it fit - a little blousy, slightly dropped shoulders.  Sizing seemed pretty flexible so ymmv - 50 probably would've worked too, maybe better
 I'm not 100% certain (it could have been a similar print blazer) but I think MAC in SF has a bunch of those left, you can probably call them.  I didn't take a close look so I could be off but I know they carry cdgh
I'm looking for some of those s/s lemaire shirts as well...seersucker or the striped versions in various colors in an L, really want white though.  Shouldn't have slept on the sales
WTB: ss16 loiter jacket pref navy
Looking for some s/s recs on a budget   -white baseball cap/running hat  ~50? adjustable strap/relatively low profile and crown -beige or tan tech pants (adjustable cuff zip/button/etc) a bonus  --> veilance? would like to keep under 150.  unfortunately outlier ultralight crops didn't come in beige.  kgfan had some superlit zip lanvins that i've never been able to find. -popovers l/s or s/s seersucker, stripes - would like to keep around 50-75 a pop if possible....
-$100-$150 (second-hand/used/ebay-grailed-SF classifieds/etc) -various shades of brown or burgundy (worn with navy suit).  black is probably fine too. -interview-appropriate -somewhat wide foot -i generally favor less pointy lasts + thicker, more substantial soles.  works better with my foot/build.   thanks, just need something quick for upcoming interviews.  i know about AE wondering else is out there
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