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Bump, anyone?
Just bought my first leather bag in very dark brown and I was stupid enough to polish it like I do my shoes. I used the AE cleaner conditioner and walnut premium polish cream. A few days later I read that you shouldn't use shoe polish on leather bags, so I used the AE cleaner conditioner again to try rub off the walnut polish. However, there are still traces of walnut polish on the bag. What should I do?
  I also posted a while back that I wear both 7D in cliftons and strand. And dood, where do you get the money to buy so many shoes?? My excuse is that I do not live in the US and so am buying as much as I can.. lol.
  The nice thing about Blucher/derby shoes is that they have a lot of room for adjustment. I'm a small guy with size 7D and 6.5E feet, and the Clifton in 7D is a little loose for me but that is fixed by tying a little tighter. For reference I wear 7D in the 5 last (Park ave, Strand..)
Actually, the top and bottom shoes are brand new. The walnut strands do not have any edge dressing on them (look  closely at the tips, they are scruffed up). I bought a bottle of chilli edge dressing but they turned out to be totally empty, so I have to buy another bottle..   What I did was to use AE's cleaner conditioner, let it dry for 10mins, then AE Premium polish in walnut spread evenly and then brushed. At the end I used a cloth to rub circles around the shoes to...
  Call the factory outlets, they may still have your size in seconds!
  At first I wanted to just take a quick shot to show the color difference between bourbon and walnut, but later i got carried away and spent 30mins taking the photo.. hahaha.   I've read the the bourbon was just walnut but processed into a darker color, and was afraid of getting two shoes that were too similar. Hope this helps people who are considering having these two colors in the same model.   (Photo shot with a single flash, bounced off the wall to the right)
Walnut and Bourbon Strands, walnut Cliftons. The bourbon is actually much darker than walnut, which is a surprise to me.   (The walnut strand is 5 months old.)    
  Nice! I have the walnut strands, and recently ordered bourbon ones. It is the favorite model out of all the AE shoes. I discovered people have been darkening the walnut strands by themselves.. However, you can't just switch between walnut and bourbon in an instant, so having two pairs makes sense. I just hope the colors are not too close! Will post photos when I get them.   Does anyone own both walnut and bourbon in the same model?
I've read some posts about return shipping here, and I'm wondering how do you guys get such cheap prices? I need to return 2 suits. (remade twice)    I am currently in the US and when I use the USPS calculator, the prices are in the 40-50 dollar range for the medium and large boxes.
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