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Participating in Townley Thursday (missed Tuesday) for the first time in maybe a year. I treated them with Alden Leather Defender way back when, and all it did was dull them up. I have since wiped them down and rebrushed them, and I'm liking them much more. Perhaps once I get all the superfluous polish off, I can ALD them again.  
 How much to make me one? ;)
 Absolutely not. I wear 8.5D Strands. My 8D McTavish was too small, so I went with 8.5D, and they're my biggest shoes, even with tongue pads. I bought 8.5D Neumoks and now am convinced I have to sell them. They're simply too small; specifically too narrow.  You were luckier than I with regard to Neumoks. I think my high instep would require 8.5E.
 I have a Seiko 5, and was looking to try other cheap automatics... specifically with an open heart / semi-skeleton and power reserve indicator. There are plenty of Orient Stars like this, but they're an order of magnitude more expensive than a Seiko 5. I actually did just find a non-Star Orient that I like, the CFH01001, but it's more like $300:    I'm not sure it does. That thread sounded like a lot of it was just FUD, so I thought I'd seek a second opinion here.
 I haven't used Alden Leather Protector since I put it on my Brown Shell Townleys. It actually made them so dull that I stopped wearing them. Took them out last night and Mac'ed them up and they look much better. My guess is that the ALP mixed with residual cream and made them dull. I should try it again on some of my shiner shell.
 Interesting that these are model number 1381. According to the table I compiled from various sources, that's the number that was used for the Burgundy Fairgate. Must've been a one-off.
 If I may: why do you use it, then?
 I wear 8.5D/E in 5-65 last, and my 9D Sheltons are still a little tight due to my similarly high instep.
 Not to reopen this case, but I'm sure that simply rubbing this spot with a conditioner/cleaner and a rag would've A) removed the blemish, and B) done zero damage. Please keep this in mind for anyone else who runs into something similar.
 Actually, according to that link, seagullwatchstore.com is the one selling fakes. Or did you mean somewhere else?
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