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That makes sense.   If it indeed was dehydrated Renovateur, I believe it would've been caused by the turpentine solvent evaporating.
 It's interesting, though I can't say I prefer it. Also, the lack of a medallion and pinking makes them look quite a bit more plain.
 BB/RL seconds are often only $149, and I believe they even were 2 for $250 at one point.
 I hope you figured this out from trial and error, but in case you didn't: Add 3 items and get charged for only 1.
 I'm hoping I find that some conditioning fixes this problem. I can't imagine AE uses "bad" horsehair.
 Instead, consider buying some factory seconds in black and keeping your walnuts as-is.
 I'd say to not spill oil on your shoes but since they're corrected grain, it'll wipe off with ease...
 I had the same problem with a new AE brush looking like it was scratching shell, even though it felt softer than an older brush. I'll soon be doing an experiment with Renovateur, Venetian Shoe Cream (donated by random-adam), Saphir Cordovan Cream (donated by Cold Iron), and AE Cordovan Cream (also donated by Cold Iron). I'll be sure to post back with my results. Keep in mind that a new brush is supposed to lose some hair, but it shouldn't look like it needs Rogaine.
 You can't have too much burgundy shell (I have Kenilworths, Patriots, and Daltons), but I would consider going with brown for you next one just as a change of pace. My first shell (Townleys) were brown, and I think my next purchase will be, as well.
 I almost bought one until I read this:  I wouldn't really want a black one.
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