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 Sorry, I didn't see round toe shell Junkards. Can you link?
I wear 8.5D for 5-65 last and 9D for 1-511 last, but did better sizing 8.5D instead of 9D because it's unlined suede. If you're in between, I suggest sizing down.
Any opinions on all the different constructions listed here?
Other than the shell colors, which can be found at, does anyone have more information on exactly what is customizable for a MTO? I haven't gotten good information from emailing them, but figured someone else has by now.
Has anyone considered something on this rounder last?
  Me first. ;)
 I'm experiencing the same thing. I have 9D in Snuff that I would be happy to trade with someone for an 8.5?
 That appears to be quite deliberate.
 Correct. 721LTD is another example of an AE-made Wolverine.
 Last I saw either of those two models was through Lands End and Brooks Brothers, respectively, but they're both sold out. Note that the Stewart is a complete different makeup than those pictured.
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