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 That really shows that persistence isn't futile.
 Just ordered 9.  Thanks for the heads up!
 I think they're a great looking boot, I just wish they had a color other than black. Can anyone remind me why these were cheaper than the Fifth Streets? Is there some fundamental difference in materials used?
 BTW, the tan saddle leather AE uses nowadays has changed to calfskin according to Allison. I got a sample of it and noticed it was much thinner than I expected. I asked whether it was maybe just top grain, and this was her response:  Tomorrow I will try to take pictures of the samples I've received.
 Yeah, I normally wear 8.5 or 9 and 8 is perfect.
 Nordstrom has free shipping both ways, so you could try a 7 that way.
 Sure sounds like you should size down to a 7.
 Just wait until they come out with their casual, unlined, Tangerine suede, Fuschia-laced, Harrier-soled Jomoc'amok.
 Ah, looks like suede model is more expensive than the calf version. Thanks.
 Where are they for $127? Right now the Shoe Bank seems to list them for $199.
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