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 So after a week of "drying", the shoe looked the same. I decided to see whether more vinegar/water solution would slowly lighten them. It didn't seem to, so I decided to finish darkening that one panel. Surprisingly, the results are that bad:  I'd say this photo is a little more flattering than real life, especially at some angles, but it does get the point across. I think I have enough tools now to perhaps do a little more work in evening it out. I actually might give...
 And a different pattern: Mojave:  Gobi:
 My Suede Strand firsts fit way tighter than my calf and shell versions. I think @OptoDoc(?) may've had a similar experience, but I cannot remember for sure.
 Not to rain on the parade, but I actually wanted to ask this before y'all started talking about it: Do you not fine AE's Merlot Calf to be way too dark? Unless I'm outside, my Merlot McAllisters look almost black. I just lately lucked out on some (light) Burgundy Shell Cambridges for $325 that I spent last night cleaning up, and I'm definitely going to keep them and sell off the McAllisters. (They are flawless after 2 remakes, only warn once, and in size 8.5D if anyone is...
 I'm an 8.5D in Strand (5-65) and 9D in Dalton (1-511), and I settled on an 8.5E in the Eagle County. 8.5D may've worked, not sure about 9D, and 9E was definitely too large.
 Hopefully not too off-topic... Thanks for chiming in. Any idea why this is such a hotly debated topic? Has no one asked Saphir? It seems like both sides of the argument are positive the other side is wrong, though I'm not sure which side has presented proof. If I may, what makes you so sure? Is it true for both the Médaille D'Or (MDO) and Beauté Du Cuir (BDC) Renovateur? Actually, what's the difference, anyway? That aside, do you agree Venetian Shoe Cream has turpentine...
 I think many would argue that as a more rugged leather, you should embrace those scuffs. Maybe it's less that it's easy to care and more that it looks good when it's not babied?
 Good advice. I'll continue to leave them out to dry, which will also give time to ponder my next move -- and possibly hear more advice. Thanks.
 This was my first mistake.
 First, thank you all for the help. While everything tried so far hasn't worked out perfectly, all the techniques showed some promise, were grounded with solid reasoning, and came with fair warnings. This is certainly a learning experience. I think the contrast is different enough that I'm compelled to try soaking all the panels of shell uniformly. Distilled water makes a lot of sense, though I'm wondering if vinegar is even necessary if I'm just trying to get even...
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