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  Me first. ;)
 I'm experiencing the same thing. I have 9D in Snuff that I would be happy to trade with someone for an 8.5?
 That appears to be quite deliberate.
 Correct. 721LTD is another example of an AE-made Wolverine.
 Last I saw either of those two models was through Lands End and Brooks Brothers, respectively, but they're both sold out. Note that the Stewart is a complete different makeup than those pictured.
 You very well may be right! Here's everything I know about pitting from a thread about the toes of my Patriots. Interestingly, @New Shoes1 had the same problem with his. However, if it was a lasting problem, I would expect that problem to be more common where the shell is stretched around the last. I also have a pitted area on the heel of my Daltons. Maybe I should take a picture to share. 
 Sounds like "pitting", which I thought was something that some shell just has.
Thanks for the post. I have one pair that I like, though I wouldn't say I like them as much as any of my AEs. The leather, while buttery soft, is also quite thin. My pair is Blake, not Blake/Rapid.   I figured the reason they were so light was a combination of thinner leather, and the thinner Blake-stitched sole vs. a thicker 360-degree Goodyear-stitched sole that also generally protrudes wider around the shoe.
Nordstrom has the McClean on sale again. $237.85 for cap toe 1000 Miles, and I happen to like the open-lacing pattern much more than the $380 Rockfords.
Never been worn, new in box, factor firsts, and ships with original shoe/boot bags, these are in absolute mint condition. I'm only selling because I bought two sizes but kept the other size instead. Retails for $425+tax. Add $10 for shipping.   DALTON - WINGTIP LACE-UP OXFORD MEN'S DRESS BOOTS BY ALLEN EDMONDS Leather sole men's dress boots Wingtip blucher with brogue perforations and medallion Premium calfskin leather upper with orange leather lining Butyl double...
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