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I couldn't help but notice a bunch of shell cordovan models missing from the AAAC thread, so I decided to amend it with models from allenedmonds.com, shoebank.com, the outdated ShoeCareReference.pdf, various searches, and my own personal...
What are the numbers on the inside of this shoe? Do they include 7666?
 I bought some Burgundy Shell McGraws off eBay that looked exactly like Brown Shell. I like yours even more, as they're much lighter than Brown. The real way to tell is compare the numbers inside the shoe with this list: http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?110401-A-Hunter-s-Guide-Shell-Model-Numbers&p=1215938#post1215938
 No, the Cognac Dublin is the 3rd. I believe the 1st is the Brown Distressed and the 2nd is the Natural Wax Infused. Here are pics from the Shoe Bank where they call them Brown and Tan: Brown (Brown Distressed):  Tan (Natural Wax Infused):
 That's weird; I'm an 8.5D/E in the 5-65 (aside from the McTavish which runs way big), but a 9D in the 1-511. As I said, my 9D Shelton is a tad narrow, so E pro'ly would've worked fine. As for pics, I'd say this one I found online does them justice: 
 To my knowledge there was never a Chromexcel McTavish, and AE didn't even have a Natural Chromexcel offering back then. But you may be able to tell if it's Chromexcel by inspection (or even just scent). I believe the one on the left was the discontinued Brown Distressed mentioned in the outdated ShoeCareReference.pdf, and the one next to it is the Natural Wax Infused still offered today. I believe the Brown on Amazon is the Brown Distressed, while the Dark Tan and Natural...
 My Brogue Suede Strand is also way narrower. I made the mistake of not returning them. Wore them the other day, but they're definitely not as comfortable as they should be. Do we think this is from the added sock liner, or?
 Alas, if only we knew someone with a connection to the MANAGER of a Nordstrom Shoe Department Store -- with decades of experience -- that could provide a professional fit and 6 month guarantee...  [[SPOILER]]
 I guess I should've clarified that by "corrected" I meant not just a grain pattern imprinted, but also a fake plasticy finish applied. I may be confusing my terms. But it does make sense that you could add a grain pattern without adding an additional finish (presumably that's what grain shell cordovan is). I guess my question is whether this is just imprinted full- or top-grain leather, or something worse with a fake finish added? If the latter, that'd certainly explain...
 I wore my Walnut/Brown Sheltons for the first time in a while yesterday to see if I wanted to keep them, and I re-fell in love with them. They're really sharp. There are some creases on the vamp, but nothing extreme especially compared to other shoes. I will say that they fit a bit more narrow than my other 1-511 shoes; the V is more pronounced than on my Finches, and the same size Burgundy Shell Daltons I'm wearing today fit perfectly. That said, with a thinner socks and...
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