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 The Shoe Bank has an Olive Suede Gobi in 9D for $279.
 I definitely consider it wide.
Those are almost definitely splashback from the restroom. Wearing leather shoes (or worse: shorts and flip-flops) makes it very clear how common this is. Sneakers don't make this effect obvious, but they're taking the same beating. I actually "wipe" my instep on the back of my pants when I notice it.   A simple treatment with a conditioner/cleaner should remove them.
 Wearing my Burgundy shell Daltons today, which fit very well. However, my Walnut calf Daltons in the same size are a tad narrower on the right boot. I have been putting my largest shoe tree in it with a thick hiking sock around it in hopes that it will help stretch it, though I think it's gonna come down to more wears.
 Just as an FYI, it turns out that legal tender doesn't mean they have to accept it: 
 I suggest you buy multiple sizes and return all the rest. That's what I did. The $10 is worth getting the right fit.
 I never tried different widths, but I'd say if they remain comfortable after wearing around the house for an hour or so, you've found a (sufficiently) suitable size! if 8D works then 7.5E+ may work, but I can't imagine 8EEE wouldn't be way too wide for you.
 I think 8.5 could've worked had I gone wider than D, but being on the wide side of 8.5D/E for 5-65, I couldn't manage 8.5D for the Shaker Heights. 9D really does feel perfect for me, and with the way the open lacing comes together on the boot, 9D in no way looks narrow on me. I honestly have a hard time envisioning a foot where Strand and Shaker Heights in the same size both fit well.
 I wear 8.5D/E in calf/shell AE balmorals on the 5-65 last, such as the Strand. My 8D Wolverine 1000 Mile McCleans fit perfectly.
 What's the original and discounted price? That should make it clear.
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