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 I'd personally be fine with it, but they haven't announced anything like that to my knowledge.
I was sent some shell Wolverine 1000 Mile 721 LTD seconds that Jill found for me. I sent this email today:  Josh, the person who replied, rejected the idea of sending them in for repair, and instead thought I should just return them. Disappointing. Maybe I should contact general customer service and see?
 No, that's likely Horween Chromexcel, which is made from cowhide.
Just got this bad news from the J'Ville store:  As of October 23rd she was. Bummer, as she was my favorite.
 Ah, thanks for the correction!
I suspect not, since it has dovetail heel and non-V-tread tap sole, but even if it is you'd need to know what last it was on to pick the right size.
 Those are certainly the only model numbers I found below: [[SPOILER]]
 Sorry, I meant non-MTO. Beautiful shoes!
 Thanks for responding. Unsurprisingly, 7605 is the number for Black Burnished Calf. Still no concrete evidence of a Cappuccino/Truffle Jefferson other than that one photo that looks more like Brown.
 Presumably using just a conditioner or lotion will be safer than something with a cleaner. So if buying AE brand, consider Leather Lotion instead of Conditioner/Cleaner.
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