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Hello, This is my first classified listing here on . I have lots of experience selling on ebay, but I would like to expand my sources for selling. Any item I post here on the forum will not be listed on ebay. I only ship USPS Priority mail and in this case, in a medium flat rate box.    Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this...
Im 5'7 and my inseam is 28". You are normal.
This is my 03 Cl500. It is a flashy car that is very comfortable and fast for its weight and size. I also had a 05 bmw 525i which I sold. The Cl is by far a great affordable luxury car. The only thing that went bad on me was the active body control system aka. ABC. The shop I deal with narrowed it down to a faulty hydraulic pump. I have other cars ill keep you guys posted.
So I came across the Magnanni loafers. I think they are worth the price. I passed on the Hugo Boss because I did not feel the quality for $400. Are Magnanni shoes of quality build? For $229 + tax they look and feel good.
Oh by the way I want to buy a pair of Meermin Oxfords. Any suggestions.
I did not buy these shoes. I am skeptical a little. I love those Sutors though. I wish they were my size.
I found this great Lanvin Suit. It is a 38S double breasted and double vented. It is very nice and kind of heavy. I noticed it has a tailored fit to it. I paid $60 for it. Did I pay all the money for it? Does it look too dated? It looks like a formal suit more than a business suit.     
Okay, So I went to Nordstrom last night and found these nice Hugo Boss Selection Shoes. They are black and look sharp and well made. I noticed too that they are light in weight.  My question is, Are the worth $369.95 + Tax, meaning if I want to buy them I have to spend $400. I like them.    Let me know what your insights are.    Madeinman , CA            
I wish I was good at taking pictures of myself. But here is What I am wearing tonight. Simple RL Flatfront Trousers with a Jcrew V neck sweater on top. Shoes are Penny Wingtips from Joseph Abboud.  
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