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Thanks a bunch guys! I'll get them in 12. Any idea how to find out if I should get the medium or wide width? 
Any idea how I should size them? I am a true size 12 US. 
I was thinking about getting the A-2 bomber in brown for my first leather. Is this jacket easy to pull off? I wear mostly epaulet stuff and such. Should I go with another style?
I was thinking about getting a brown A-2 bomber for my first leather jacket. Do you guys think this jacket is easy to pull off? I don't want anything too loud. I wear mostly clothes from epaulet and such. Would you recommend another jacket instead?
Guys I have a question. I am getting my first pair of nice boots. I want something that is versatile (can be worn with denim, chino's, slacks). I was thinking about these for my first purchase. Would this be a good first pair or would you guys recommend something else? Also is this color pretty easy to wear? I wear mostly stuff from...
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