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Pics, man. Pics! Super jelly. When did you order? In the final ten days of my wait..... can't wait.
I thought all of Brooklyn was A-Okay. Except Red Hook...   Been enjoying this hurri-cation with power, water, electric, wifi, etc. for the past five days in Wburg... Would like to get back to work, though. And have the L and J running.    I digress. I really need to get my hands on a few sweaters, a hat, and a few other winter items, this being my first real winter... 
Nice find. Somebody kop those! Wish they were my size...
Sorry, but aesthetically the double midsole, both generally and on your SJ, looks fucking bad. I can't decide if I dislike the look of the front or the heel more. I keep going back and forth. The mini vibram is badass though I love the way it's stitched on there.
Those should have "SWAG" stenciled on the sides of those ugly fucks. Then they'd be cool. Cuz they got "swag." Do people still say "fugly?"
Bl@ster those standard browns are beautiful. The natural sole complements them very nicely. The photography doesn't hurt, either. Shit like this isn't making my eight-week wait any easier.... fffffffff
can we quickly talk leather care?   I know the basic idea of keeping the leather free of dirt/debris/mud, but I'm more curious about whether the boots (specifically dress leather) need any product straight out of the box, or simply an application of product a few months down the line?
That was super helpful. I didn't realize most of the boots are sort of based off the smokejumper, but that certainly makes sense. Can anyone tell me if the default midsole is the light "natural" leather or the darker sole? Grazi
Natural is standard? Or the stained/darker sole?
what's going on guys?   new to the forum -- I'm SuperFuture -- but glad to finally be on here as well.   been going through this entire white's thread while waiting for mine to arrive; it's been helping but the wait is unbearable!   anyways, this is a fairly obvious question but I couldn't seem to see a definitive answer/example of this anywhere, as it looks like the majority of you guys order through bakers and not directly through white's.    the...
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