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I almost certain it's legit now, but I would like to hear from papa rubbery and rebel222, as to why they think its not?
Do u think its a fake as well?
Why is that ?
Yeah it is, but I like to try stuff in before I buy, sometimes I imagine it to look good on menu rafter I try it, it's a no go.
Sure, but by saying that anyone over 9 knows what that means indicates thatA. You assume I am under 9or B. I am an uneducated bogan.Anyways. I don't know why this thread was resurrected yesterday as the shirt in question was confirmed to be legit and not fake.
No, it's genuine RL, so I decided to keep it.I googled "breaking-even" and got the info I needed, but thanks for the explanation anyways .
Well, yes you answered my question thoroughly, but treating me like crap in the other posts kind of lost you points.I told you tonight I will post some pictures, it's 11AM right now!I think it's of weird for a guy asking another guy for pictures. I think your on the wrong site.
Regarding the College joke, someone never watched The Simpsons.And I never boasted about dropping out.And regarding college vs university, they are just about the same thing in educational comparison.But we don't have seniors, juniors, sophomores, freshmen or whatevs.We don't have dorms, frat houses, keg stands, college football or alpha beta kappa pies, so in a way they are different as well.So keeping it nice and short, me calling you "Mr college graduate" doesn't make...
Yes sirI am
Yeah that's what I said.Got a problem?SMH
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