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Seconded on that CTshirt "deal". Talk about trying to pull a fast one. BR has 40% off right now but now I'm suspicious about every retailer marking up before their BIG SALE basically making you come out even...
I was wondering the same thing... I found this thread... http://www.styleforum.net/t/139836/allen-edmonds-seconds-quality
Well, technically, it would be two for 700 so 350 for each.  Either way, I'm new to all this suit business.  Just getting tired of pulling out the same old suit I got married in 10 years ago (and looking 20 years old) and want something a little more current that doesn't break the bank.  What I really want is a charcoal, all purpose suit, and a black suit for the more formal stuff like weddings, funerals, etc.  Maybe even something with a jacket that I can pair up with...
Bumping this thread.... Would it be worth to try on some suits at a store then find the same one on eBay and buy it? There seem to be some great deals on RLBL suits on eBay. Assuming it fit well enough at the store would it be safe to get off eBay?
Was thinking of picking up a couple jack victor suits...would end up being 700 total. Good deal?
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