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  I think it would work better with brighter pants, for example white/beige chinos. Anyway nice jacket!    Grüße   BenHei
Hey,   I have problems wearing the hell out of my winter boots, how do you wear yours?   Do you cramp your pants into the boots, or do you roll up the edge of your trouser?   Hoping for answers!   Grüße   BenHei
In the matter of the common wealth bla blub - !
My Swiss:   A german guy goes to a swiss bank, for example UBM. At the counter he whispers:" I' d like to apply 800.000€."   The financier answers:" You don' t need to whisper, ... poverty is not a shame in Switzerland."       My aged one:   Two 60 year old (sacks) sitting in a bar.   First one asks the other:" How did you get that 20 year old model to marry you?"   He answers:"I told her ... I am 90."       Grüße   Lansknecht BenHei
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