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Will the green statuses every go below row 96?  Feeling like it's never going to go below that.
Charly is gone man. You're on your own.
 You could do what the rest of us are doing. - Email your measurements.- Put it into the spreadsheet that you emailed them and that you haven't heard back.- Don't expect a response.
 So there are likely measurements associated with the order already? I would assume it will be made with the original measurements unless you email new ones. 
 When did you purchase? 
Les Frères Joachim have been blowing up lately. Just wondering if anyone can help me ID the tees in this latest photo of them.         https://instagram.com/p/4ZSeLfEy_S/?taken-by=swannjoachim
[[SPOILER]]   Damn I think this looks great - After all the shit we've been through I would call this a very positive outcome. I'm really jealous - I also ordered a Lamb MA-1 but I ordered at the beginning of November so mine hasn't even been turned green yet in the spreadsheet. Do you mind telling me which row you are in the spreadsheet so I can count how many more leather MA-1's have to go out before mine is done?
They're shutting down the Cheltenham badlands because too many fuccbois walkin' on the ridges
 Can you tell us how you filed this? Most people seem to get their cases closed immediately, myself included.
Are we still using this fucking thing?   https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ufOkYs0Vz4v_vxTiUVpctU3M1qBdlp0TYlOKN1ig_c0/viewform   Are there really two spreadsheets now?
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