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ok i lol'd
Finally, opening this god forsaken thread has paid off
i'm actually really worried that he is going to confuse my order with an asshole's order and that it'll somehow bump me to the end of the queue 
Wait wait. How do you know your Jan '14 MA-1 was in the latest batch? Is it a wool ma-1 or a lamb ma-1? DETAILS GUYS.  I ordered a black lamb MA-1 in Nov. '13 ... 
I have sent Drew two emails and PM'd him twice. No response. I believe my jacket is one of the warehouse ones... is production going to continue after that? I'm scared, fam.
Anyone know where I can currently find an Alexander Coat?   http://man.totokaelo.com/robert-geller/alexander-coat/navy/P13B1D
Just read the newest 452 messages on the thread in StyleForum! Wow! What a trip.    DREW: Not sure if you are checking PM's or email, so I am also posting here for posterity.     Here are the details about my order:     Name: Sebastian S***** Item: Lamb MA-1 Description: No gas mask flap pocket.    Measurements: shoulders 17.0" chest (pit-to-pit) 21.5" midsection 19.5" waist 19.0" body length,...
  Boy were you ever wrong.  A month before would still not have delivered by September. 
 Can we set a rule where you are not allowed to post fit pics unless you also post your order date?  Fit looks pretty good - might be too big? Bunching might be because it's too tight at waste, causing it to ride up? Also looks like the zippers are offering too much structure. That will probably go away as the leather wears in around the zippers.
[[SPOILER]]  Did you just get this from Drew, or did you buy this from someone else? Please dude, as much as I want to give you fit pics, I would love to know more about how this affects the wait times. I think your jacket is a bit too tight, unfortunately. You could just lose some weight, though?
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