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As much as I want you guys to find him, the all-look-same racism of a witch hunt for a Korean thief is really gutting me right now. Good luck with that.
definitely not him
 he's still waiting like the rest of us
Anyone want to buy my "small" MDR in black lamb with silver hardware + ball chains ?
Does a 15" macbook pro fit into the toj daypack?
Just chiming in for reference:   I paid with PayPal and used my bank account (NOT CREDIT CARD) - so it's impossible for me to get my funds back. Filed a dispute with paypal several times and talked to them once. They basically said I'm SOL. 
The general lack of compassion amongst all these people is disheartening. I am not even mad about losing 800 dollars at this point, I make that much money in a short amount of time and to spend anymore of my time on this is essentially wasting even more money. What really gets me is the following:   1 - The lack of sympathy from Daniel and Charly. As people who essentially enabled and aided him in stealing our money, they've quickly pivoted their entire identity into a...
Oh it wasn't a TOJ. 😏
Got my Lamb MA-1 finally.
 i love it - slightly oversized but that's how i'm wearing everything these days anyway The leather feels even better than TOJ to be perfectly honest and the zips are tough but smooth.  it has a two way zipper too, so you can do that splayed bottom look if you are wearing tapered pants.  loving this jacket and I am thinking about selling my TOJ 4 zip rider now 
New Posts  All Forums: