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Oh it wasn't a TOJ. 😏
Got my Lamb MA-1 finally.
 i love it - slightly oversized but that's how i'm wearing everything these days anyway The leather feels even better than TOJ to be perfectly honest and the zips are tough but smooth.  it has a two way zipper too, so you can do that splayed bottom look if you are wearing tapered pants.  loving this jacket and I am thinking about selling my TOJ 4 zip rider now 
I told the guy at Unis my sob story and he gave me an even deeper discount on the Unis black calf bomber. Feeling like I at least got something out of this.
I haven't read this whole thread so forgive me if this has already been answered.   I didn't used to get so frequently on packages from Europe to the US. Maybe at most 1 in 5 packages would get dinged with duty / import fees.  But it seems that myself and everyone else I work with are getting hit on every single package from europe these days. Shoes, jackets, etc.   Is it possible that an address could be flagged at customs because they think we're importing for...
Anyone know how the fit is on the insulated flight bomber?
 Mine's yesterday.
 Just wondering - how much are you in the hole on this? Did you order multiple jackets? You seem very motivated and driven for justice on this and I applaud your efforts. 
Anyone here spend more than 5000 dollars? Your complaint jumps to a federal offense at that point and can be treated with prison time in the US. A lawyer with enough credit incentive could then extradite someone back to the US for trial.  
Yeah I guess I only had faith because I have a ToJ jacket from 2012. Should have never tried to re-up.
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