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Good price on these,   also I personally prefer their plain toe, looks great on a boot like this
Damn that is cool
I actually completely agree. People tend to disregard criticism as some sort of personal attack. Actually some of the stuff omert has said is stuff I complained about, the puckering on the shell boot in the recent IG post
There is a great pair of JcrewxAlden circulating that is on reddit. I will see if I can find it.No really, every single company will end up with a complaint. Also who is A&E I may have been hasty in my reading of the thread and not done my due diligence of reading all of it
What the hell is going on in this thread
from what I read earlier in the thread it is just Viberg size listed which is why they say size down 1
On the subject of the GYWxNotrexViberg collab, make sure you register (make a user) so you can vote if you plan on participating. 
Looks great, definitely get a new top lift though otherwise you will need an entire re-heel.
 Awesome, I ended up getting the tracking soon after you messaged! Thanks!
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