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Ahhh dang. Thanks for the clarification though, appreciated
Where did you hear this? Notre specifically told me they were doing the stitchdown with the moose leather.
It is a clicker press. It is a hydraulic press used to cut leather using dies.
Huh, really? I wasn't going to vote and just hold out to see who wins but this makes me kind of want to vote now. Will mull this over
I have been saying this since day one of the 1035. The disproportion is terrible
Wanted to give Guy and Fok a bit shout out for their work in getting my bison boots from the first GMTO fixed. Appreciate the help guys
Canadian Galway all the way   Moose and Italian calf?
Perfect, works for me
By directly referencing a specific goodyear welt process, I assume it will be with gemming (glued canvas ribbon)
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