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Actually that is a good point, brown would be much better. Good call bootspell. Fok, if you find out these leathers are available could you change to brown tongue?
Model: Country Derby boot Last: 2030 Leather: Tan Guidi Horsehide Leather (tongue): Black calf Leather (upper shaft): Tan bison Eyelets: Max eyelets (not what sure it is on this model) Midsole: natural Sole: Dainite Comments: faux toe cap, partially structured toe, pull tab, tonal upper stitching
This would be the only one that would tempt me to vote. I basically was going to bow out but if it makes it I would be in.
  What I can tell from this means we are waiting for the final make up and then they will all ship rather than the two separate shipments?
I say they send out the first shipment and do a second later because that means I get my boots sooner.. obviously a totally unbiased opinion
It really never does. I have two boots with it and it is crazy uneven and ridiculous on both. I have begun to dislike it because of the uneven wear and tearing of threads
I just hate the black heel counter. Had it been all one shade of bullhide it would have been much better
So pumped I went Tan ripple as well. I have a tan bison (same leather lighter weight) Coronado brief and it has aged to a beautiful golden color.
  First pic is during a trip to Singapore where they got beat up very hard.   Second pic is one from a couple months earlier   This one is from a week or so ago   So in terms of ages, middle one is the oldest, then the first pic and last pic is the newest
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