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The owner and GM are doing an AMA on r/goodyearwelt   http://www.reddit.com/r/goodyearwelt/comments/2djopk/hello_i_am_the_owner_of_nicks_boots_here_with_our/
Haha, like meso said, it does happen to the best of us. This has happened to me in so many sales it is hilarious. Sadly a couple times the pair I actually wanted was out of stock after I had already ordered and they notified me later :( (talking to you epaulet, you let me get my hopes up)
#23 sold out on my in checkout as well. Trying to get paypal to correct my default shipping address so I don't have to change it everytime
I wouldn't say generally, as the damage to the midsole would have to be accessed. We would probably need a larger sample size tbh for a lean in either direction. I was more going for the general case of a re-sole with new midsole. But you are right in that it is not an absolutely necessary need and you can re-sole with single line rapid and no midsole replacement. Brian the bootmaker has done some great work with Vibergs converting them to handwelted construction. There...
 You are stitching directly through the upper twice on each re-soling. Depending on well they go through the original holes, it can limit (missing original holes) or extend (going through most if not all of the original holes) resoling abilities. (since peppering the upper with holes can cause early tensile failure) Really, for my vibergs, I will only have Viberg re-sole tbh. They will be the most skilled in the ability to re-sole and hit the original holes. There was a...
As linafelt pointed out, this modified stitchdown is not as waterproof as indicated. Also there is significant resoling restrictions due to this construction method. Limited resolings until the vamp needs to be replaced and then you have to be able to source that leather as the entire vamp needs to be replaced. For limited release leather pairs, this is near impossible. Construction method, although unique and robust, is not conducive to longevity. This is probably why...
The nap on a pair of Viberg monkey boots I bought     It is like petting my dog
I ended up having to ban him as I gave him a warning about spam, then he tried doing it under new accounts which I have filtered so they never hit the new page. He then went back and posted again under his normal account and got the ban.
My incredible excitement was met with utter disappointment today. The Carminas I ordered during the sale were cancelled. Apparently a glitch in the system and they just got back to me about it today. Crushing.
Hmmm so I see my competition on the upcoming releases haha. I am the same though except I do go down to the 7 on the 2030
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