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Ha, I always forget to go to the bottom of the page for their size chart, now I feel like a doof
Awesome, thank you
Year old Ice Mocha Service boots today
My problem is I have no idea what my pant size is in S-L sizing
I would be in on the copper task roughout on 2030, 110.   Still really do not like the 2045 at all and the 1035 is pretty blah
I see the Bison and Loden green are still up in the market, I thought they were no longer available for purchase?
They were called the Gentleman's Traveler when they used CXL. It was changed to Beckman with the introduction of the Featherstone on them
http://imgur.com/a/Iys0X   Measurements:   S2S = 17" P2P = 19" Front Length = 25"
If you are worried about the wrinkling right about the welt below the stitching. That is most likely a cause of poor sizing causing the ball of your foot to press the side of the boot before the boots ball placement. That will generally cause that kind of wrinkling in my experience at least.
New Posts  All Forums: