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Woof those civilian chinos fit way trimmer than the others, they seem to run true to real measurement (real 34, 32s in most apolis fits), ordered a 32 and could not get them over my hips, trying a 34
      Ice Mocha Service Boots from the first sample sale in 2013, they are over 100 wears over the just under 2 years. They fit perfectly and exhibit almost no wear because of it. They have seen booze, blizzards, and rain storms
I had the hiker in brown nubuck and I didn't really like it that much and ended up trading it away. I like the way danners fit me better than the Viberg even though they are the same pattern (Viberg acquired it in the 70s from Danner) I wouldn't worry too much about the thinsulate though because the hikers are fully lined
Dude meso, those are awesome
Just bought a pair of the civilian trousers and the fatigue pants. Can I expect them to fit similar in the upper block to the old indigo wool trousers? I have two pairs of those and they fit perfectly. I just dry cleaned them for the first time and have some pocket, waist band, and lower leg fading. (also big shout out to you replacing my pants and getting them fitted correctly, really appreciate the outstanding customer service on that, it was a great interaction)
Mine aren't coming today, USPS finally stopped by
USPS Skipped my whole block and then I see a truck drive down the street and skip it again. Do they not know how important it is for me to wear these today?!
mmmmhmmmm those are stanky
Pics? Pics!
My mail woman did not show up today, I am much disappoint 
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