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http://imgur.com/a/XzvRt Quoddy blue suede red brick chukka - 7.5D - 175 shipped Quoddy smooth blue with white camp sole - 135 shipped Eastland MiM by Rancourt Wildwood in Pebbled Olive CXL and Peanut Suede - 8D - 175 shipped each Wolverine Krause in Russet Dublin - 8D - 165 shipped Viberg 66 Hiker boot in Brown Nubuck - Size 7 - 400 shipped Viberg Monkey boot in Red dog roughout and smooth - size 7 - 300 shipped Alden PTB - 300 shipped but on hold...
Or you would make excuses if it was Viberg haha
Quite the switch from your review Also blaming Dayton for the Itschide problem is the equivalent of blaming Viberg for the Itshide problem. Both companies made it right by resoling. Ridiculous to blame them for sole problems.  Blaming them for a tannery problem is also a bit ridiculous (GMTO delay). Other companies has had problems with that. Companies that produce leather goods are limited by the supply they receive similar to how Viberg cannot make any copper task boot...
I am in on either but if they let us do the large ripple, I am choosing that.
I have been but didn't see the 'final' decision until I just now went and double checked. Also although heavily discussed, there was no final decision until an hour and 15 minutes ago where he lists his final decision. Don't need to sound rude dude. It was sandwiched between two quotes.
I went to pre-order and it shows the bison as a white mini-ripple?
Awesome, sounds good to me Thanks Fok
So the refund is after you submit the order?   What are you going to do about the Chromepak voting since the color is not even set yet? Are people going to be able to opt out?
Are we refunded the 20 or is it taken off the pre-order? 
Is white the only option for the mini ripple? I am not against the mini ripple but I don't know if white would be the best color imo
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