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Tate and yoko had a falling out with Viberg earlier this year and cut their relationship going forward
 thanks man.This ended up being from Horween. We looked at some natural tanned and some copper tanned colors but none were in stock so Vince found out what they did have. They did say they had some whiskey cavalier bison in stock in a weight that vince could use. One of the users on gyw did a mock up with some of the steerhide whiskey cavalier with the bison grain and it came out looking amazing so we went for it. We ended up finding out it was a bit lighter in weight...
Yup! Mine come Tuesday. Super excited, I worked with Vince for a while trying to figure out which Bison we could get for the GMTO. Really excited about the color
Anyone else interested in an 865 navy shell jodhpur on the rain last contact me
If anyone is interested in a #8 or black shell jodhpur GMTO PM me. It will be the rain last. As it sits the #8 is well ahead
    Full album http://imgur.com/a/Slynw and post https://www.reddit.com/r/goodyearwelt/comments/3lkuo7/initial_impressions_3_months_viberg_double_review/
Holy shit those are awesome
Model: jodhpur Leather: new gold museum calf Last: 804 Construction: Handwelted Sole: dainite Edge Dressing: light brown Hardware: brass Lining: violet       Basically that but in gold museum calf   Have til this weekend to join, already put it in, final sales go through around Friday
Ahhh dang. Thanks for the clarification though, appreciated
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