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sooo if i wish to make a suit here at a later date, should i make a shirt here first? or should i just go with someone like peter nacklhe
does anyone have any experience with the ar g trousers? im pretty damn interested in these.
does anyone have the olive drab NYCO slims? i am very interested in these, does anyone have any worn pics of them?
went shooting at manly island yesterday, im quite pleased with these out of camera shots
we share a common topic i see
[/quote] holy shit, where are her knees?
I plan to settle down by 30. I rather have this than alienate my children, like my dad, who only settled down at 37
why are fat women known as real women but thin sexy ones known as bimbos?
Well, I was looking for a new tv show to watch, and stumbled on awkward. I tried hard to stomach it, and made it to the end of episode 2 before giving up. I noticed a trend in more modern times, TV that attracts youth sucks now. It focuses on sex, and the pressures of school, aka trying to have sex, how showing you are popular is more important than having a shred of dignity as well as wealth is great. No mention of the importance of success, at all. This is rather...
Psy is getting pretty irritating
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