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why do these torture porn movies get such good ratings
Seems I'm wrong then
it was highly regarded, now it is ridiculed. hopefully this movie will be as well
Being a cripple, Jake has not much other choice but to take the army's offer to go to the other planet. Soon, Jake joins the Navi, finds it superior to his own after spending a while with it (probably that tail sex), decides to join their side, and destroy the evil human uprising (aka the human army), so the humans will not be able to harvest the energy anymore, possibly leading to the demise of humankind. He also sucks as a strategist, which means he almost destroyed the...
why do people keep getting awards for these movies where you see a person suffer like hell for most of the damn movie? is there any proper take away to this?
That's pretty disappointing. I would have loved a pair of those.
Seems like I never realized this till I bought the damn bag. I never was interested in corters stuff till the bag, so now I will probably just go back to being disinterested in the brand, like before.
this will seriously be the first and last time im getting a winter bag from him...
is there a navy blue 60/30 chino?
he also takes a very long time to send these out... agreed, will not be buying again
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