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I have a wife and child i love and will be going to all ballgames etc. i also like to take time to read, excercise, make love, make my own dinner, etc. I feel sorry for most the people in this thread who think success is monetary or business related.
I never claimed to be a guru
Attitude.....read back through..... i am the one getting ripped on.
Very friendly forum i have run into here.  Groupthink?   Doesn't what you wear have many variables?  Some people have a swagger (self confidence)  where they can pull off anything.  Why is it that a coat is necessary?   What is the average age here on the forum?  Is everyone 50+ in penny loafers, pleated pants, and awesome taper showing socks?    color is good but only if it is brown? :)
  No suit coats for me i guess.  But Ted Baker is my favorite Tie style so i guess i would get ripped on here for a lot of the stuff i wear.  I am assuming most would say shirt and tie no coat is not a good idea but it works for me for the most part.  I will consider buying some coats but i am already overdressed the way it is.   Paisley ties are my favorite....are they ok?  heh
I guess it is option 2 since i am not trolling......not too many options :).   I was thinking black shirt with a grey tie.  Maybe a combonation die of the 2nd and third one in with wider patern and a few thin solid black lines?   Is the goal of this forum to be boring or what...confused. Ironic that i am arguing boringness regarding black shirt.  I just don't understand saying that noone can look good in such attire when it is not true.  
Really.....not even with grey pant tie with a slight pop of color....or gray tie of some sprt...
If i get compliments from good looking women and made fun of by dudes with no style. That is a good start imho.Maybe i look like **** and i don't know it.
Ahem. Maybe not everyone wants to look 50 years old? I would prefer darker shade of turquoise then the one showed but there is nothing wrong with color. So because it is my first post i have a useless opinion?I wouldn't wear a solid on solid but almost any tie can look good with the right shirt.You may feel better in your overpriced clothing but i buy what is comfortable and looks good. I just bought a new thomas pink shirt paired with an isaia tie and got zero...
Nothing wrong with a turquoise tie...... Why not wear black shirt?
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