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 Kinda wish i bought black instead of orange.oh well
 What width on what last in AE?
7.5 E Us Size 65 Last on AE Park Avenue- Would the rain last 6.5 uk size work? Anyone have a Rain Carmina and also a AE Park Avenue for comparative??? thanks!!!
 Don't forget having separate prices for each country they sell in that has nothing to do with the currency valuation.Can't wait to put my order in for Carmina's when Skoak restocks soon.
Love everything about this.
Eton Shirt - Size 16  New With Tags   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Eton-shirt-dress-slim-fit-16-neck-41-sleeve-Nordstrom-New-With-Tags-Slim-Fit-NWT-/131437018647?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e9a41be17
 I am nervous to buy coats on ebay but i don't have $500 plus dollars to buy new ones.Maybe i should try it haha.
 Sweet coat... where did you buy it?
You all seem to know 100x more about shoes then me so I am hoping to recruit some help! I am looking for an Austerity Brogue. I was first looking at Carmina but I am being told a Simpson last won't work for me. My most comfortable shoe is a 7.5 E Allen Edmonds Park Avenue in the 65 last. (Only two nice pairs of shoes and both are AE) Any ideas or recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks!!!
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