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Well, my wax surface jacket arrived, and sadly I just don't think it's quite the right fit. A bit gutted if I'm honest, but there's no scope to try on Cabourn first around London it seems so I had to take the plunge.    It rubs quite uncomfortably across the shoulders - I tried it on first with a t-shirt underneath, and the t-shirt arms started riding up within the jacket. Weird, because the arms are definitely long enough to the point of almost being slightly too long,...
  Good man, appreciated.
Hi all,   Have sifted through the thread periodically but hope you appreciate I couldn't do all 167 pages, so apologies if this has been asked & answered before. I've not bought any Cabourn til now, and just picked up the Heavy Wax Surface Jacket (half price, thank ****!) as a late Xmas present to myself. Well, in fact bringing Xmas into it full stop may be pushing it    I wasn't sure how Cabourn sizes up, I ended up going for a 48; I have plenty of CP Company...
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