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Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Alright now that we're on this topic, where's the best sushi in Chicago? I've tried 2 places that left a whole lot to be desired. It wouldn't really surprise me if good sushi is not to be found here, but do you guys have any recommendations? I like Tzuki and Sushi Wabi. I'm not a sushi buff, though; Metromix's recommendations will be better than mine.
Yes, twice. It's not bad, but it's not good either, nor is it cheap.
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos Does cafe corea have grills at each table for preparing galbi? Is it on 55th? No. Yes, right by tracks. Sandwiched between the Nile and a sushi place.
In Singapore, the food was not just good on average, but always good, and always at a good price.
Quote: Originally Posted by laxexquis I know many of you say a suit is proper, but sometimes, I feel a suit is more for work, as to where a nice sports jacket with a nice pair of slacks would show a relaxed mood, and will also show you're dressed up for this occasion only. Just my opinion. John Is that what this thread is about?
I'm afraid Chicago is not the best place to learn. I agree with Foo. Even good American Chinese is hard to find. Our recs for other ethnic, and especially Asian restaurants, were probably more worthwhile. The Pheonix is decent for dim sum. You have better options for evening-time cuisine. Foo, off (the derailed) topic. Just saw your pic in the contest page--the one with the navy jacket. Looks very good.
Shootz, that's a let down. I was hoping for some real dirt. Pheonix is pretty toned down.
South Side! Cafe Korea is good. Edit: ... but hardly a dive! It's really nice by Hyde Park standards.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson You had trouble finding good food, or you had trouble finding good food in a restaurant you were comfortable eating at? Because I've ventured down to C-town a couple times and that's where I have had some of the best meals since moving here. But I wouldn't exactly say I was comfortable at the restaurant. Nawwwmean? Now we're talking. Do share.
^ We just had this discussion in (now two) threads. Chinese in Chi-town is emphatically... mediocre. Favorite book on food is Liebling's "Between Meals". Where the "Between" came from, I'm not sure. Matt and Vox, I have had trouble finding my way through the fog in Chinese cuisine. The cuisine is so different from ours that it's hard to guess what to have, and servers tend to give terrible recommendations because they either try to pander to Western tastes or just...
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