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Went to Paul Stuart and Ralph Lauren in downtown Chicago today. Paul Stuart increased the discounts on many items to 70%. There are quite a few Stuart's Choice shoes at this discount, in a variety of sizes (8.5-12 were common). Some of the shoes are for the Phineas line and come with lasted shoe trees. Most of the sportcoats, though not the bare basics, are also discounted 70%. Basics are still 50%, as are trousers, shirts, ties, scarves, etc. I spent less time...
Wearing a pair I bought from Chorse's last batch, and wanted to add my compliments to the chorus. These are fun, comfortable, and appear to be very well made. I agree with Shoe's assessment: a good investment.
Is it printed or woven? Very nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by raley Was thinking about buying this, but length-wise I think this might be more 38Sish. The 38R's I have that I just measured are all ~31.5" total length, fyi. +1. I was thinking the same.
Strange coincidence. Check out Haystack's photo in today's WAYWRN thread: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...2619&page=1265 He's got the cardigan-under-the-blazer look nailed, IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by migo I don't like it when the shirt collars are outside the jacket. Looks weird. +1. Edit: Cool, 100th post. A senior member now, ehem.
http://bp3.blogger.com/_qjpwnPW4c1o/...8DetlevWeb.jpg Thoughts?
Don't the Polo C&Js usually have a channel for the stitching on the sole? The stitching doesn't show on any of the pairs I've seen, but they're all recent.
Quote: Originally Posted by academe ...And how many more Nobel Laureates and MacArthur prize winners does Berkeley have compared to Stanford? But let's not go down this road... Cal wins hands down! But I go to the U of C now, which leaves both Stanford and Cal in the dust: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nobel_l...ty_affiliation So there. Quote: Originally Posted by datasupa Or sometimes without clothing...
Manton, I don't think it's really changed much.
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