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Ok. Given the late notice I say we stick to red derby. We can move later.
Quote: Originally Posted by Beetleything What is that in your pocket? My cell phone. Thanks everyone for the compliments. HF, I'm glad you didn't bite.
Friday it is. I propose 7pm at Red Derby. Any objections?
Jacket: Phineas Shirt: Venezia or something like that Square: Don't remember, British Belt: J Abboud Trousers: Iris Tailors, Singapore Bespoke Shoes: Guido Mocasins brown Chukkas (out of sight) An SF-built outfit. The square and shirt were purchased from Despos. The jacket was purchased from Chorse123. The trouser's tailor was recommended on SF, and Guido Mocasins was (weakly) as well.
Then you could game it. This forces you to vote based on what day you can make, not based on whomever else is most likely to come.
Poal is self-explanatory. You may vote for more than one day if you'd like. Details TBD. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
IMO, Churchkey is not bad, but inferior to Againn. Shoreman, next time you need an SLR, PM me.
Quote: Originally Posted by DNW You're just a few blocks from Chinatown. Frankly, in that area, you're basically stuck with officepeople food, i.e., nothing interesting to write home about. Nah, you can do fine. Best food is probably at either Zaytinya (tapas) or Proof (new American / wine). Poste is OK, too, and some like Zola (I don't). A little further East are some decent-for-the-price/location ethnic places, including Momiji,...
Insist that you are saving yourself for marriage and are therefore only willing to have anal sex.
This was a good question.
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