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Is that like a grossgrain belt?
I copied PG and bought a pair of navy loafers. Now I don't know how to wear them. What belt(s) should I wear with them? Thanks. I also unknowingly "copied" PG and bought a pair of Alden tan suede chukkas, and have the same problem. Advice welcome on these, too.
They may also be available at the Southwest Waterfront. Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Overall I think I prefer the way the azn eat it. That's what she said?
I'm in. And the last one wasn't a failure at all--you guys just all missed it.
Awesome--thanks for posting.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kentishman ^ You need to flip your calender over as a matter of urgency. Point taken. It was over 90 that day in DC. Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia Fantastic. And, I'd like to compliment you on your haircut. Thanks.
More summertime sacrilege. Shirt: Edward Italian, Hong Kong, Chambray Belt: Facconable Trousers: RLBL, Linen Wool Blend Socks: Talbott, Wool Shoes: PRL
AFAIK, I was the only one there.
Like most things, it's not too hard to get acceptable results, but very hard to get great results. Our beers are, at best, almost as good as good microbrews, and, at worst, not so good but still drinkable. Stick to ales and don't even try lagering (except in the winter, if you have a cold attic or basement). Stick to mini-mash for a while. It is a fun activity to do with friends, but I don't enjoy it enough to do it on my own.
At the bar wearing striped cream trousers and a navy shirt. Good choice... Cute bartender.
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