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Yes, I agree. I have a dark brown ribbon belt with stripes that I've posted on WAYRN and couple of times, but it doesn't look great. Maybe one with a navy stripe but a different base color (e.g., green?).
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 why not go with the no belt look? I never really liked that.
Is that like a grossgrain belt?
I copied PG and bought a pair of navy loafers. Now I don't know how to wear them. What belt(s) should I wear with them? Thanks. I also unknowingly "copied" PG and bought a pair of Alden tan suede chukkas, and have the same problem. Advice welcome on these, too.
They may also be available at the Southwest Waterfront. Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Overall I think I prefer the way the azn eat it. That's what she said?
I'm in. And the last one wasn't a failure at all--you guys just all missed it.
Awesome--thanks for posting.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kentishman ^ You need to flip your calender over as a matter of urgency. Point taken. It was over 90 that day in DC. Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia Fantastic. And, I'd like to compliment you on your haircut. Thanks.
More summertime sacrilege. Shirt: Edward Italian, Hong Kong, Chambray Belt: Facconable Trousers: RLBL, Linen Wool Blend Socks: Talbott, Wool Shoes: PRL
AFAIK, I was the only one there.
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