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Quote: Originally Posted by Grayland This has been going on for generations and unless you grew up on a farm, or had hippy parents, your beef has been corn-fed (Canada is basically the same as the US - I've spoken with their beef council too). There is that old saying that you never want to see the process of laws being passed or sausage being made. There is no way to lovingly slaughter an animal. Lucky for us, we're at the top of the food chain. Tis...
No, but my ex bought me one for my birthday, then dumped me before deliveries began. I am not sure what she's doing with the deliveries given that she doesn't know how to cook.
Second (and thirding) recommendations for cod, tilapia, and halibut.
Pleasure meeting you, gentlemen. Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Fun time, kaxixi and Jodum are good guys. Unfortunately, the talent was underwhelming. Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson That kaxixi is one good lookin little devil, ain't he? (no homo) Uh, thanks. Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 Sorry I didn't make it fellas. Got out of work early and took the...
What do you look like? Or... What are you wearing?
Cool. Will come late.
Beef and Lamb Kabobs 1 lb lean ground beef, veal, or bison 1 lb ground lamb 1 bunch parsley (either type) 1/2 package TJ's pine nuts* 2-4 cloves garlic 1/2 medium onion 1/4 cup or so olive oil 1 teaspoon turmeric 2 teaspoons ground cumin Salt and black pepper to taste (approximately 1 tsp salt 1. Combine all ingredients other than the ground meats in a food processor and blend until they form a smooth paste 2. Combine oily paste with ground beef and mix...
I didn't realize it had a high burning point. I use coconut oil for this, but it imparts a flavor that isn't always appropriate.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Sure, but it is really simple. Clean the crabs. Dredge in flour. Season with salt and piment d'Espelette. Cook in a hot pan with grapeseed oil. Once they are cooked, season again with salt and piment d'Espelette. Pour out the oil andd put a few tablespoons of butter in the hot pan. Wait until it colors. Add a few tablespoons of lemon juice, and about a tablespoon of capers. Swirl around a bit. Stir in a...
Yes, I agree. I have a dark brown ribbon belt with stripes that I've posted on WAYRN and couple of times, but it doesn't look great. Maybe one with a navy stripe but a different base color (e.g., green?).
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