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I wonder if this will put pressure on the US to sell F-22s to other countries?
Because I hadn't decide what I wanted to make in advance.
I got the idea for this dish from a nearby restaurant (Domku on Upshur--they specialize in Eastern European and Scandinavian fare) and was excited by the prospect of a cheaper, healthier confit. It came out very good. 1 package chicken thighs 3 cloves garlic olive oil - approximately 1.5 cups black and red pepper to taste 1. Brine the chicken for approximately eight hours (I skipped this step). 2. Drain chicken, place in slow cooker, and cover almost completely...
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell Your wife is right about the fat - grass-fed has nothing to do with it. Oh?
"Last month, Egyptian officials implied the Israeli spy agency Mossad was to blame for shark attacks off its coast." That would be so cool.
My favorite over-the-ear headphones for travel are Sennheiser PX100s because: -- they are relatively inexpensive (though they are now twice as expensive as when I bought them) -- they collapse into the included carrier, which is quite durable -- they are easy to power, so sound good driven directly out of the iPod The PX100 is an open headphone, so it won't block outside noise at all. The PX200 is sealed, so it will block out some noise, but it doesn't sound as...
I have defended Austan on here before, but he doesn't know any macro. Shame he's even talking about it.
Ostia Antica:
I enjoyed my day trip to Ostia Antica very much. I also enjoyed walking along Appia Antica. Both are well known sites so I don't know if they qualify as "off the beaten path". However, they were empty even at the height of tourist season. My favorite meal was a white pizza with zucchini I had in Trastevere (in a restaurant recommended by Rick Steve's--but it's the dish that I think is worth recommending).
I second the recommendation for the $35 late-night dessert menu. The service is extraordinary. I once went with two friends, and even though we showed up late and were the last people dining, they gave us a ton of comps, and insisted on taking us on a tour of the kitchen.
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