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Fast Italian-American. Will neither offend nor impress, but may occasionally fit the bill.
Have tried, would recommend in DC, especially for casual dating. Am generally impressed by the site.
Agree with most of the opinions expressed so far. Dried is better but canned works fine. Bullet-style hand blender works well--I bought mine off Amazon based on reviews. Tahini is better than none.
I have never understood why people insist on buying expensive grinders. I don't understand the chemistry/physics behind the importance of a more consistent grind (though I do understand that it yields clearer coffee, since you don't get as much dust filtering in).
This dude sells papers at the side of the offramp from 395 at Massachusetts Ave. He's always spectacularly dressed. The other day, I asked a friend to snap a photo of him as we drove by.
Swings with the 55lbs crush me.
Yeah, pretty lucky so far. Have to work to keep weight on.
Really? I like McDonalds, and many other fast food chains. I haven't been in ages, but there was a relatively brief period in grad school when I went to McDonalds every 2-3 weeks. I'd order and finish 3 double cheeseburgers, 2 chicken whatevers, 2 medium fries, and a thing of apple pies. It was awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I remember when the first Whole Foods went into DC on P Street near Logal Circle, which was still more or less a slum in those days (it has really gentrified since). Major outrage from the locals about a fancy store where those who lived nearby would be able to get jobs as baggers but not afford the food. The Post did a big piece on the turmoil. That's my WF. It's a nice store, and very busy. I regularly...
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