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That looks delicious. Thanks for posting and congratulations.
I really enjoyed the national art museum, not so much because of the art, but because the selection is telling. Also, drink lots of coffee, and eat plenty of pho.
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoRon Neopolitan - Nella's, Spacca Napoli (Nella's is the original chef from SN, is bigger, closer to downtown, and less crowded) Thin crust "midwestern" - Bricks - great ingredients and flavors, if you can tolerate a thin crust pizza cut like a tic-tac-toe board. Deep Dish - Pequod's.. no other. I'm not sure why, but I didn't like Nella's as much as SN. At Bricks, I think you can just ask them to cut it...
Repeating myself, but Spacca Napoli > Pizza DOC >>>> Anything else I've had in Chicago.
Shirt: JCrew Belt: Facconable Trousers: Iris Tailors, Singapore Shoes: PRL
I often eat it on its own with some balsamic, vinegar, and plenty of black pepper. Sometimes I add some chopped radish. Once, I had leftover lamb that I dropped in and it made for a fun salad. Enjoy!
A friend of mine helped found a local farmer's market (Columbia Heights--it's tiny, but the vendors are excellent: the quality is high, prices are reasonable, and, for those who care, they are legitimately local). My impression from her is that markets vary wildly in their standards for selecting vendors, and my own impression is that it is not trivial to figure out what the boards' standards are.
The recommendation to live in PA for six months, then move to SF is prob a good one. I'd prob live in Mountain View, though, rather than PA. While I'm at it, Mountain View has good ethnic restaurants, albeit with white prices. Try the Taiwanese place (Queen's?), the Persian grocery (good takeout kebabs), and Pho Hoa. In PA itself, my favorite restaurant is the brown rice sushi spot off of California (Homma's?) and, for nostalgic reasons, the little Asian cafe in the...
I really like the cemeteries. Also,
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