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This made me chuckle.
I've got the Weber, too. Pretty convenient.
I saw this in the news yesterday, and thought, "AF will enjoy poasting about this."
The decay of family values is as much a result of a troubled society as it is the cause of anything. For 40 years, blacks were steadily closing the gap with whites at all levels: poor to rich. Then, in the 90s, the progress stopped. How can family values explain this? A more plausible explanation is the crack epidemic and the subsequent war on drugs, although this is just guesswork.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nil Do you have to provide some sort of documentation before taking the birthright trip? Quote: Originally Posted by West24 no cause there is actually no way to prove youre jewish. they just ask you questions about why you want to go etc. though ive seen them let people go on whos grandmother or something was jewish. The orthodoxy goes through some lengths to background check those who...
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Though you do have something of a point about "family values." The decay of the family is a major factor, maybe the major factor, in the perpetuation of a black underclass. IMO, the claim that there is a causal relationship between the decay of the family and the decay of values in AA society is far-fetched.
Quote: Originally Posted by mharwitt they're all muslim, but carry iranian and US passports and just pretend to be jewish if they go to israel i guess. never visited the temple and gardens although i really wanted to Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah some iranian passports don't list 'religion' next to place of birth so that works. Nowadays, it is no longer enough to claim you are Jewish to visit Israel. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Don't go down that path... (think Manton debacle). I missed this and don't know what happened.
We're already doing something about it: we're taxing income.
I don't understand. Is the "Consumption Spreads Faster" graph intended as evidence of progress or regression?
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