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Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Also, any way of turning this into something sweet? I need a replacement for my morning oatmeal. Maybe, but instead, consider adding a handful of slivered almonds to your oatmeal? It'll taste better and give you the same or better nutritional benefits as switching grains.
I love Third Rail. They serve Intelligentsia and Stumptown.
Search for "Manton cooking class". He took several and documented them on here. I don't know how advanced you are. Manton appears to have known how to cook better than most even before he took those classes. I imagine someone less skilled might look for different classes.
I have never cooked in a Tagine. I am only posting to say that I recently saw them for sale for reasonable prices at Ikea, of all places.
^ Damn, that's one scary critter. Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Interesting to see how few people had a fresh water fish in their list. One of the best fish I've had was a tandoori trout outside Manali, India. Trout can be fantastic, or very boring. Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar The only type of fish I usually avoid is tilapia. I practically live off of Safeway individually frozen tilapia filets.
Quote: Originally Posted by random-adam Regardless of where you buy, taxes will be assessed based on where you live. I lived in SC back in '04 and bought a new car in Gaithersburg, MD; I was charged appropriate to my state and county of residency down south. My experiences with Fitzgerald Auto Mall were fantastic -- got a new car (albeit a rarer, poorly-selling stickshift model) for an internet-published price about 30% below MSRP. They are not,...
I need to buy a car. I have already decided on the model (Honda--not SF approved, but not up for discussion, either). I am wondering if I should buy in DC, MD, or VA? Where are the taxes lowest? Any recommended dealers? Thanks.
Marcel's in DC. I biked there, got into an accident, and ruined a brand new pair of gloves. Everyone said "better the glove than your hand" but I'm not sure I feel that way. You guys would understand.
Because I hadn't decide what I wanted to make in advance.
I got the idea for this dish from a nearby restaurant (Domku on Upshur--they specialize in Eastern European and Scandinavian fare) and was excited by the prospect of a cheaper, healthier confit. It came out very good. 1 package chicken thighs 3 cloves garlic olive oil - approximately 1.5 cups black and red pepper to taste 1. Brine the chicken for approximately eight hours (I skipped this step). 2. Drain chicken, place in slow cooker, and cover almost completely...
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