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^ This was good.
SOOOOOO much better.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Are you in the US or england? Really?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma I love how being a faggot is some sort of suspect info indicating bias you may get about a journalist, I guess Michelle Malkin for national review is less tendentious, after all she is heterosexual (I think) and writes for a conservative propaganda mag clearly opposing gay marriage. As much as the NYT is a rag I wouldn't wipe my ass with, the quality of the NR makes the NYT look like foreign affairs. Aside from Friedman,...
I thought the medical consensus had shifted against recommending margarine?
What're your favorite wines that Trader Joe's carries?
I'd have liked to hear some of your opinions on this.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter I am at just under 300 pounds - 8 reps, 3 sets. I don't plan on trying to get any more than 300, I've had that as a goal for a long time. Jesus, GT. That's impressive.
I am looking for a medium brown dress belt, 32-33inches long. My only requirements are that the buckle be simple (I prefer but don't insist on silver), and that the leather be high quality. Please PM if you have anything that fits the bill. Thank you.
I'm pretty sure they move weed in planes, too. Didn't you see Blow?
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