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I did not bother crisping the skin. I will try next time. I bet that really improves the texture.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Also, any way of turning this into something sweet? I need a replacement for my morning oatmeal. Maybe, but instead, consider adding a handful of slivered almonds to your oatmeal? It'll taste better and give you the same or better nutritional benefits as switching grains.
I love Third Rail. They serve Intelligentsia and Stumptown.
Search for "Manton cooking class". He took several and documented them on here. I don't know how advanced you are. Manton appears to have known how to cook better than most even before he took those classes. I imagine someone less skilled might look for different classes.
I have never cooked in a Tagine. I am only posting to say that I recently saw them for sale for reasonable prices at Ikea, of all places.
^ Damn, that's one scary critter. Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Interesting to see how few people had a fresh water fish in their list. One of the best fish I've had was a tandoori trout outside Manali, India. Trout can be fantastic, or very boring. Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar The only type of fish I usually avoid is tilapia. I practically live off of Safeway individually frozen tilapia filets.
Quote: Originally Posted by random-adam Regardless of where you buy, taxes will be assessed based on where you live. I lived in SC back in '04 and bought a new car in Gaithersburg, MD; I was charged appropriate to my state and county of residency down south. My experiences with Fitzgerald Auto Mall were fantastic -- got a new car (albeit a rarer, poorly-selling stickshift model) for an internet-published price about 30% below MSRP. They are not,...
I need to buy a car. I have already decided on the model (Honda--not SF approved, but not up for discussion, either). I am wondering if I should buy in DC, MD, or VA? Where are the taxes lowest? Any recommended dealers? Thanks.
Marcel's in DC. I biked there, got into an accident, and ruined a brand new pair of gloves. Everyone said "better the glove than your hand" but I'm not sure I feel that way. You guys would understand.
Because I hadn't decide what I wanted to make in advance.
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