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I bought several J Crew linen shirts during the last two seasons that I am very happy with (post-tailoring).
Damn. I am starting to think it is best served to the dog, who will certainly enjoy it more than I will. Though I will try the milk trick and taste it before giving it away. I will also attempt the liver, but have low expectations.
So I shouldn't have high expectations for the liver either? Shit.
I attempted to cook a beef kidney this morning. I browned it with onion, shallot, and garlic in coconut oil, then added chicken stock and a splash of wine to braise. It came out tasting like upscale barn. I have another beef kidney in the freezer so would love some advice on how to make this thing. If you don't have any, I will cook it up for my friend's dog.
Puttanesca may be a poor choice for a date, unless you have some reason to doubt her fidelity.
PG, what color/material is your belt? Thanks.
^ The yoghurt goes in the slow cooker or is reserved on the side for the cucumber "raita"/salad?
This cow was raised entirely without antibiotics. I was unable to get the cheeks this time, but the farmer said he'll ask the butcher he uses whether this is an option next time I order. Any suggestions on what to do with the kidneys? I have, probably, 2 lbs!
I forgot to write that I made the roast duck and it came out amazing. I got it to fit in the slow cooker by removing the drumsticks, which I froze in anticipation of the confit, though my butchering was a bit sloppy. I laid the rest on top of a bed of onion, cabbage, and turnips to keep it above the liquid, but by the time I got home from work, the whole damn thing had practically confitted in its own fat. I reserved the fat for the future confit, trimmed the meat off...
DTO, you don't look as much like PG as you did in the last batch of photos.
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