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I don't know much about CEO pay, but this guy does.
Have tried, would recommend in DC, especially for casual dating. Am generally impressed by the site.
Agree with most of the opinions expressed so far. Dried is better but canned works fine. Bullet-style hand blender works well--I bought mine off Amazon based on reviews. Tahini is better than none.
I have never understood why people insist on buying expensive grinders. I don't understand the chemistry/physics behind the importance of a more consistent grind (though I do understand that it yields clearer coffee, since you don't get as much dust filtering in).
JSF's not cancelled, F-22 is.
This dude sells papers at the side of the offramp from 395 at Massachusetts Ave. He's always spectacularly dressed. The other day, I asked a friend to snap a photo of him as we drove by.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter my pleasure. more than that - there are many, many countries that consider themselves the state of a certain ethnic group - proving that you have grandparents that spoke german or werr irish, or had some connection to a specific ethnic group can get you ciizenship that may be denied to a person who was born there. also, in some countries all the policial rights go to one ethnic group - for instance, in most arab...
He's a powerful guy. Your take?
Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard Sorry for the confusion then. What I'm saying is really that yes, we should marginalize the radical group. And the best way to marginalize them is to integrate the Palestinians into a joint state. Strategically, the outcomes of a two-state solution and an integrated solution are basically the same. But tactically, they're different. If that makes any sense. My argument is that the integrated solution is,...
That's not what I initially understood. I understood you to say that we should marginalize the group that will not agree to a two state solution.
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