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Quote: Originally Posted by beasty I agree with protein after workout and before sleeping but meal one hour before? If I do that, I will puke out my guts after doing sets of balls to the wall squats and deadlifts. I trained with powerlifters for a while, and they all ate before working out; a protein bar at least, often a proper meal. I certainly thinks it helps me lift heavier and try to do the same. Try eating things that digest...
Quote: Originally Posted by Taxler There is an equilibrium point in either senario, and I'm trying to glean how far apart those two points are. Assuming total calories and grams of protein remain the same, how much leaner and stronger might I be by doing nothing other than altering the type and timing of protein intake? It will hardly matter for you. It is likely to make a noticeable difference to an olympic athlete whose three-a-day workouts...
Wow, that is a beautiful piece. Tissot is a lower-tier brand owned by the Swatch group. Generally, their watches feature stock ETA movements in good, no-thrills cases. A similar brand might be Hamilton, also owned by Swatch, though they offer very different aesthetics. IMO, both are very high value-for-money watches. Make sure you maintain the watch regularly by bringing it a good repairman every five years ago. Congratulations on graduating!
Don't know if there are any left, but I got a few at ~50/each.
Less structured, but wrong color and not nearly as nice: http://www.jcrew.com/catalog/product...catId=cat90204
I know, odd request. Missed this when it went on sale on the website, and wondering if anyone's got one they're not using: http://www.jcrew.com/catalog/product...atId=cat260091 Would probably be interested in any color combination. Thank you.
James, I bet the Polo Store in Palo Alto, CA still has the size 8's I didn't end up keeping precisely because the heel slipped too much. Call them at (650) 326-1710. I hope it works out.
Take out the battery then take it apart, wipe it down with slightly soapy water or, better, alcohol. Let it dry for an hour before returning the battery.
Cool writeup, thanks!
Double pleats? Also, could you provide measurements (inseam, across thigh, leg opening)?
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