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+11 to hobby, though homebrewing is not the most social choice. You could also move to San Jose. There are some younger, denser areas that would be a bit more social.
I have a pair of AE Revere's that I like. They sell for under a hundred on eBay (GVH).
Add a handful of raw sliced almonds to my tilapia filet as it fries in olive oil.
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido Bleak day.. Best to tune out with new cans Quote: Originally Posted by Sander Shoes you mean? Ask DTO, he got them first. Quote: Originally Posted by Francisco looks like an Alden to me.. If I'm not mistaken, they are indeed Alden. Just got a pair. If I'd known PG had 'em, I'd have gotten the rest of his outfit, too. PG, I like the seersucker...
Sweater: J. Crew Shirt: RL Custom Fit Linen/Silk Blend Trousers: Incotex Belt: Martin Dingman Watch: Seiko Premier
You will almost certainly be held up either on your way in to Israel or your way out. Possibly both. Sorry.
Chelseas, but then Doc is no small part of the reason why I wear them, so just add my vote to his.
Another vote for Victory Prima Pils. Add a good Czech pilsner so folks can understand where the American lager came from as well as as where it can go.
I bought several J Crew linen shirts during the last two seasons that I am very happy with (post-tailoring).
Damn. I am starting to think it is best served to the dog, who will certainly enjoy it more than I will. Though I will try the milk trick and taste it before giving it away. I will also attempt the liver, but have low expectations.
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