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Anyone have up-to-date contact information for Mr. Tam? The email I have does not work anymore. Also, FWIW, I have been wearing his shirts for 5 years and have been very satisfied.
Claghorn, I'll pile on--that looks great. I had a rare chance to dress up the other day. RL Black Label suit, Kent Wang shirt, Paul Stuart tie, RL square
A friend is creating a batch of shirts to raise money for charity, and is looking to make them using a sustainable fabric (they'll be sewn here in the US to ensure good labor practices, too). He's looking for something simple, probably an oxford cotton, though he's open to alternatives. The key is to make something durable, attractive, and not-too-expensive. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
Thanks, HF
What does one pair with these trousers? (Shoes are Peel for BB, trousers and shirt are J. Crew, sweater is Boss.)
Thanks for all the comments, folks. Point taken on the watch. Time to repair the Seiko. Was surprised about the unanimous preference for socks, but noted. HF, the tie and PS are black. The stripe on the suit is also black. They also offered it in the same fabric with a light blue stripe.
IC thanks for the critique. Agree that the G-Shock is out of place. I broke my all my other watches and am stuck with it until they're repaired. It's beat to shit because my brother wore it through two and a half years of military service.
Long time no see. Does this work? Suit is J. Crew, tie and PS are Talbott, shirt is bespoke from E Edwards Tailor in HK. Shoes are black RL single monkstrap. Belt is black. Watch is Casio G-shock.
I still have this, and it should get it to someone who will use it. If you live in DC and you are willing to meet me near Union Station, make me an offer. If you are not in DC, make me a slightly higher offer.
A few measurements I took today at the request of a member...Tip to last hole is 34". Tip to end of buckle is 37.5ish inches.
New Posts  All Forums: