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Thanks for the input.  Actually, it is a 9.5 US, pictures are a bit deceiving.  They actually look a little less pointy in this picture than in real life, I suppose I haven't embraced the longer modern look yet.  I own an almost identical pair of monk straps, but found these for a great price and had to buy them.  
Need another opinion.  These shoes may be on the edge of being too pointy, but I cannot tell.  
I am going to a church event and need help picking out a tie.  I will be wearing one of the four ties in the picture with a white shirt and the charcoal suit below.  Also what color pocket square for the selected tie?  Hard to see from the picture but the left-most tie is lavender, followed by black/pink stripe, bright pink, then blue pink...
Excellent condition, no scratches on front, very light scratches on back. Worn only a handful of times.  Will give you a new battery with it.
  This sounds like it may work, never thought of a Navy suit with it.  Any sample pictures?  FYI, darker skin tone, dark brown hair, hazel eyes.
Thank you, that is just what I was looking for.  I knew the douchey-ness was a little too much, I just needed a second opinion.  
Thank you.  That was my initial assumption.  I have paired it with a white shirt and a charcoal suit with light pin stripes once and it looked ok.  Just wondering if there was anything more interesting to do with it.
Hi everyone.  I am looking for a shirt/suit color and combination which would be a good fit for this turquoise tie without looking like a "douche".  I like the aqua tie color and I have been wanting to wear this color tie (Kenneth Cole) for about a year now, however everytime I go to pair it with a shirt/suit I end up looking like a douche.  The only color it may look good with is a white shirt.  Any suggestions/sample pictures? ...
New Posts  All Forums: