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Hi there,   Any feedback regarding the below fit would be appreciated, in particular how to get rid of the lines running between chest and waist/hips, and also how to add some more "shape" to the back.           Thanks heaps!   Cheers, Oolong
Hi there,   I was hoping to get some feedback regarding the following shirt and key measurements to change to improve fit   // Untucked           //Tucked           Cheers, Oolong
Hey everyone,   I have a sizing question - I want so order some loafers on the Ron last (which I understand is similar to the Hiro last).   My current collection is as follows:  - Carmina Simpson - 7uk (perfect)  - Carmina Alcudia - 7uk (slightly snug around heel)  - C&J 348 - 7uk (slightly too large)  - C&J 348 - 6.5uk (slightly too small)   Which size should I order 6.5uk or 7uk?   Cheers, Oolong
Hey resident tailors, I was hoping to get your assessment as to the 2 shirts attached, in particular: - which one fits best between the two for future MTM orders (going to send one to Luxire to copy and adjust); - based on which one fits best, how I can improve fit (e.g. adjusting more for forward shoulders, which is fairly evident in this case). Thanks in advance! Untucked:  [[SPOILER]]
Alcudia Adelaides after a few coats of saphir:    
Hey everyone, I picked up some Carmina's in the Alcudia last.   Here are some comparisons to some C&Js:   C&J Hallam 348 (6.5UK) / Carmina Alcudia (7UK) / C&J Unknown Last (7UK)         In terms of sizing after a quick try on, the Carmina's sit somewhere in between the 6.5UK and 7UK C&Js in terms of the toe box, which is perfect for me. As mentioned previously, the Alcudia's have quite a low instep.   Hope that helps.
Hey everyone,   Second post here and hoping to obtain some advice from you all. I am a size 7uk in C&J 348. Would this equate to a size 7uk in Carmina Inca?   Thanks in advance
Hey everyone,   I am in the process of trying to figure out which last would be most suitable for me out of the Meermin range.   I have tried the 348 last in Crockett & Jones (Hallam), with the following noted: 6.5 UK fits slightly narrow, particularly around the little toe area, length is fine; and 7 UK fits slightly loose, especially around the heel of the foot (slippage)   I emailed Luisa at Meermin regarding sizing and she subsequently provided me with the...
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