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Opinions are like assholes, ladies.  And yours both suck. 
Thank you for your reply.  I appreciate you shedding light on the material.  I feel a lot better about purchasing it now.  Did not know about any of which you said.  I certainly will be getting it [somewhat] wet as I plan on getting a beige colored coat and will find myself crouching on the edge of a semi-frozen, corn stubble field hunting ducks and geese at year's end and plan on wearing my Monty to stave off the elements.  Thanks again.  Truly. 
What are some of your thoughts on the Gloverall Original Monty not being 100% wool?  The website lists it as being 90% wool and 10% polyamide.  I can't keep  from thinking that this somehow cheapens or lessens the quality and authenticity of the garment.  Surely Nigel Cabourn and Umit Benan wouldn't put a synthetic in any of their wool overcoats...right?    And herein lies the conundrum: I love the Gloverall Monty.  I love everything about it--the history, the cut,...
New Posts  All Forums: