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Try posting here http://www.styleforum.net/t/24109/hof-labels-heels-and-nail-patterns-secrets-to-id-the-maker/
 I don't have a post number, but if I recall the discussion correctly, Vass was basically pricing their shoes in the Lobb/StC/EG/G&G bracket and nobody in the US was putting up with that.
Hmm, never thought about that before...thanks for the tip.
Looking at the Carmina belts on the website.  Is 34" the smallest size in stock?  I've got a slender build and have a 30" waist.
Yes, you're correct, it is subjective. I forgot to put 'IMO' in my previous post. I wasn't trying to speak for others. The 'Armoury' premium definitely makes sense.
I heard somewhere starting in the $6k range, so just a tad bit less than Liverano. I'm obviously not talking from firsthand experience, but $7,200 for Liverano seems fair all things considered. Still too rich for my blood
Seems like par for the course, no? Len Logsdail charges in the same neighborhood.
Yeah, as an American, I'm chasing a unicorn, I'm afraid.
Well, he said he lives close to the border, so I believe he can come down into the States and pick up items shipped to a location close to him. Whether he declares anything on his way home is another story Also, Vass does not ship directly to North America. Forgot to mention that in my previous post.
 Yes, but he will have to pay customs fees, which can be lethal to the wallet .
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