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Ok, I was a bit optimistic about Josh Smith getting claimed off waivers. I just hope he doesn't completely destroy the team chemistry of whatever team he ends up signing with...
Right, I was just making a dig at how bad Boozer is and how he was still picked up off the amnesty wire by the Lakers. There is a market for J-Smoove. I don't envision him hitting free agency.
Bi-Annual Exception. Not sure if that actually pertains to this situation, though. J-Smoove has to clear waivers first. Don't think that's happening if Carlos Boozer didn't even clear waivers...
Early speculation has him going to OKC or Houston (he's been good friends with Dwight Howard since they were kids in ATL). Should be interesting...
I think he was just drawing a parallel between patrick_b's post and...that...discussion that we've had in the past. I don't think he was chiming in on the current topic of the quality of St. Crispin's. DWFII knows full well that StC's are handwelted and pegged at the waist as I've seen him talk about them before. EDIT: ninja'd by the man himself.
I was quoted at 90 EUR for each package to NYC, so for the test shoes and the final pair, that's 180 EUR total. Seems a bit high, but not too outlandish.
This has been brought up before. http://grantland.com/the-triangle/the-nbas-possible-solution-for-tanking-good-bye-to-the-lottery-hello-to-the-wheel/
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