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Derrick Rose and two of his friends have been accused of drugging and gang-raping a woman.
Is there a fantasy thread as well? Did a quick and dirty search and couldn't find anything recent.   I'd be willing to start a league on ESPN for anyone interested. I'd prefer not to do a money league with people over the internet because it's a pain in the ass collecting dues from everyone, but if enough people want to do it, then I'm open to it.
Looks like the Hawks arena won't be playing the jingle from The Office anymore...Mike Scott is facing 25 years in prison on felony drug charges.
49ers' massive fail of an offseason continues. Aldon Smith arrested for DUI and hit-and-run.
You guys watch, Dougie McBuckets will become the next White Mamba.
Yeah, Bucks are solid, but they still have to contend with the Cavs and Bulls in their division. Because of that, they're going to be a bottom-4 seed in the playoffs for the foreseeable future.
Really like the look of this 4-button jacket more than the standard 6-button look.
I was gonna say Roger Goodell...and the law.   Anyway, Zach LaVine doing Zach LaVine things.   Here's Zach Lavine throwing it off the glass at the freethrow at the Seattle Pro-Am! I think he's doing his best Shaq 2006 All-Star game freethrow routine. @zachlavine8 @shaq #ballislife Shoutouts to @askalman for the video! A video posted by Ballislife (@ballislife) on Jul 24, 2015 at 10:30am PDT
 I would take the measurements with dress socks on. I did my measurements barefoot and I felt the fit of the trial pair was a little tight. Agree with the above post about trying to take a picture of each measurement you make, although this can get a bit cumbersome if you're flying solo. It's also a good idea to describe the general problems you have with RTW shoes.  For example, I have a very high instep and it's very troublesome when it comes to lacing up oxfords, so I...
He sends you some instructions with diagrams that are pretty easy to follow. I measured myself, but it's probably easier to have someone else measure you.Thanks for the insight. Yeah, I think my next order will be a pair of lazyman oxfords.
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