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​Thank you! I love that pair and it gets a lot of wear.
I edited my post above with links.
​I have just such a shoe. Grain leather, rubber soles. Let me go back through this thread and dig the pictures up for you. EDIT: Pictures of a rubber topy My pair
 This is what I'm afraid of once I receive my pair. My other shoes might just be doomed to obscurity...
Let's do this. Good luck with the bidding, gents.
The Greek Freak came to play tonight.   Also, Doc Rivers got thrown out of the 2OT Clippers-Nets game. Sam Cassell had to hold him back from laying out the ref.
​I would be first in line for Blue Friday  
Love that he hijacked a pass meant for his teammate to make that shot at the end.   And also, he should have been called for a travel there. Wow, that was a lot of steps...
Washington needs to give him his contract.
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