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Of course people make mistakes, but 3 mistakes in one order is pretty rough, IMO. Chipped welt, missing shoe trees, and wrong sizing. This just screams of a lack of attention to detail, which I think is completely fair to shine a spotlight on. If someone was in the market for a pair of Carmina shoes, it'd be nice to know that there's a chance something like this can happen to him. Maybe they aren't interested in doing the whole email back-and-forth and waiting an...
 I posted my experience with my purchase. The truth is that my order was screwed up. I don't think I have to hold my tongue about that. It's another data point that SF'ers can use to form their opinion of the brand. If the resolution goes smoothly, I'll post about that, too. I'm of the opinion that I shouldn't even have to be going through this right now. You're free to disagree, obviously. And thank you for the email.
Does anybody have any experience with Carmina's customer service? Is there anyone I should reach out to specifically?
I'm royally pissed at Carmina right now. Just received my MTO pair of wholecut oxfords that I ordered during the SF trunk show last year and they screwed it up pretty bad. First, I tacked on shoe trees to my order and didn't get them. Second, I specified that the left shoe be size 9.5 UK and the right shoe be size 9 UK. I watched as the Carmina associate typed this request out in the comments section of my order: Comentarios del pedido pie derechom 9uk izquierdo 9,5 uk...
Haha, that's Craig Ehlo.
^ awestruck by those.
Steve's been taking a lot of shit lately. Not idfnl-level shit, but getting there.
Suit size 36R = size 3 for the SS Conservation? I'm thinking I have to throw down the dinero on that. Really nice.
Haha, Hawks...   http://www.businessinsider.com/rajon-rondo-correctly-guesses-hawks-final-play-2016-1
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