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I've always liked this makeup for Leffot from G&G.   http://leffot.com/shop/index.php/shoes/gaziano-girling/rothschild-chestnut-hatch-grain.html   A chestnut hatchgrain Rothschild with storm welt and Ridgeway soles. Looks like a dress shoe, but functions like a tank.
Josh Scobee deleted his Twitter account.
I don't think this is surprising to anyone...   http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2573598-wizards-jared-dudley-says-adam-morrison-never-took-showers
Sucks for the Redskins. They took Carlos Rogers with the 9th overall pick and then had to take Jason Campbell after Rodgers went the pick right before. Also, being Brett Favre's backup surely helped his development, no?
Redskins gonna Redskin. That Matt Jones fumble was just lol.
He made it extra bad for this video. It's usually not so ridiculous.
It's all about the high socks.  
Weren't the Jets and Colts in an AFC Championship game not too long ago? Feels like forever...
Ok, this Eagles-Cowboys game is putrid. Eagles O-line is totally incompetent.
So...French fries and I are pregnant...and we're having CHICKEN FRIES!
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