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I feel like the majority of recent Templeman commissions have been EG Dover lookalikes and lazymans. Are you getting sick of these styles yet, Nick?
 A lot of these people are transplants who haven't gotten used to the jacked-up NYC cost of living yet.
Wow, I know someone mentioned this before, but Vikings D is legit.
Just speaking for myself here, but the reason I commissioned a pair of lazymans with faux laces from Nick (lazyman oxford is the term, I believe) is simply because I'm lazy. It's a slip-on shoe that looks formal. I get the best of both worlds. That's really about it.
I've always like Carson Palmer. He was a stud in Cincy when his receivers were Chad Johnson, TJ Who's-your-momma (Houshmandzadeh...had to look that one up), and Chris Henry (RIP). Injuries really derailed his career for a bit. I'm glad he's found a good team with a great coach and offense that fits his skill set. Hopefully he wins a ring before he retires.
People keep saying the Vikings are in "win-now" mode, but nothing about that roster really makes me believe that Bradford is the final piece of the championship puzzle for them. They still have to contend with Green Bay to win their division. Adrian Peterson is 31. How are these guys in the Super Bowl discussion?
Me, too. Still too warm to wear it, but I might just throw it on one of these days cuz vanity.
Agreed. The US team that played in the 2015 Pan-American Games was made up of a bunch of college players and they lost to Canada (both the men and the women). At the senior level, the USA reigns supreme, but below that, there's much more parity. Honestly, even at the senior level, a lot of teams have come close to beating Team USA. They've played close games against Australia, Serbia, and France in group play as well as Spain in the semi-finals.
Kevin Durant is bombing 3's from the parking lot in this gold medal game.
Is it just me, or is there some weird rippling on that grey Steed DB under his left arm? But regardless of that little tidbit, I still prefer the navy Caraceni.
New Posts  All Forums: