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Word on social media is Draymond got away with a leg sweep on Enes Kanter. I understand the league not wanting to determine the outcome of the series with a suspension, but when is the tipping point?
Thunder with over 110 points and it's still the 3rd quarter. What the fuck, GSW???   And Westbrook is about to get another triple-double. Just needs 2 more rebounds (30-12-8).
Huh? No team plays another 12 times in one season. It's 4 games at most.
I don't see any scenario where the Raptors don't get swept in the ECF. They played 2 7-game series while Cleveland swept both of their series. Toronto is also missing their starting center. Even if they were at full strength, the disparity in talent is way too big.
He calls himself Dame. More specifically, his rapper handle is Dame Dolla (Dolla is actually an acronym -- Different on Levels the Lord Allows).
Dame Dolla dropped 40 on the Warriors tonight. He hit a bunch of tough 3's with Klay Thompson right in his face and also had a ridiculous circus scoop shot over Draymond Green.
 You were implying that he was grossly overpaid. The truth is most of his contract wasn't guaranteed, so using him as an example for your asinine argument is just stupid.
Idiot. If they're right in hindsight, that means they were right all along. You were just too stupid to realize it when they did.   And none of those players you listed ever won a championship and Finals MVP. The one guy you listed who did win (Andrew Bynum) never got a big shiny max contract -- he got a 2-year/$25-mil deal that was mostly incentive-laden (only $6 mil guaranteed) because Cleveland knew of his injury history.
 Nicholas Templeman visited NYC at the beginning of April and I commissioned a pair from him then.
 Stop bringing other players into the discussion. We're talking about Kawhi Leonard here. If SA let him walk, armchair warriors like you (but with more sense) would be tearing them to pieces for giving up a franchise player. SA has always made good decisions when it comes to personnel and they're great evaluators of talent. Also, thanks for conveniently omitting the last sentence of my previous post, which was completely valid justification for giving him a max. And before...
New Posts  All Forums: