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 For $25k, they damn well better be.   I'm surprised someone hasn't answered this already, but I did some quick Googling and the short answer is it depends on where you buy from. I'm strictly speaking from an American perspective.  G&G's are sold in the USA by Leffot and their prices range from $1,100 to $1,600 depending on the model. If you search overseas, you can buy from places like Bespoke England (a little over the £700 mark, which comes out to roughly $1,100 by...
 Yeah, not a good play from Korver, but understandable, IMO.  JR Smith was shooting lights out from beyond the arc, so I can see why Korver would be antsy about the kick-out (Smith was just one ball-swing away from Shumpert on that play, I think).
There is a ball-fake, it's just real quick.  LeBron pushes the ball out to his right as he goes into his 2 steps towards the rim.
Not bespoke, but standard line MTO shoes from Antonio Meccariello start at €650.  They're handwelted and while I have no experience with standard line from Meccariello, others on SF who have say that the finishing is better than RTW G&G. Tack on a pair of GYW trial shoes (which you get to keep) to nail the fit down for €300 and shipping to the USA for €180 and your total is a little over $1,250 by current exchange rates (transfer fees not included). I personally find this...
 This is the play you're talking about, right? Seems like Korver fell for LeBron's ball-fake and was trying to step into the passing lane between LeBron and Iman Shumpert on the wing. He does make it look like he's trying to gtfo of the way, though.
I love how the 3 players that the Knicks traded away during the season (Prigioni, JR Smith, and Shumpert) are all playing in the Conference Finals.
Steph Curry fined $5k for flopping...   I dunno, that's not really something I would consider egregious.  I've seen much worse...
Thanks for the compliments, gents.  I'm justifiably stoked.
Hoping for a Hawks-Dubs Finals.  No big upsets so far (I think everyone was expecting Memphis over Portland and Washington over Toronto), so might as well.  They're the 2 most likable teams left, anyway. Also, this came out a week or 2 ago, but it's still relevant.
It's a line that Darth Vader speaks... 
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