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Eh, not the best example because the StC's are handwelted and the AE's are GY-welted .  I get what you're trying to say, though.
Too expensive when you have Trevor Ariza at $8 mil/year who does the same thing and is arguably better on the defensive end.
Ok, let me rephrase that... Quote:They have more than $20 million in cap room in the summer of 2015.  With some more tinkering with the roster, there should be enough room for a max contract alongside Melo's.  I will say that no matter how bad Phil Jackson may be as a GM, the odds are stacked in his favor just by New York being a big market and having Melo locked into a long-term deal. That was nothing more than a delusion of grandeur from...
Melo officially re-signs with the Knicks, although the details of his contract are undisclosed.  He'll probably have to endure one more terrible season before Phil Jackson can build a good roster around him.
I just don't see the T-Wolves keeping him until his contract is up and then letting him go for nothing in return.  On the flip side, I don't think there's any team willing to take him on as a one-year rental, so he's probably going to be part of some sort of sign-and-trade so that everyone is happy.
Really didn't expect The Truth to sign in Washington. Interesting... Also, it looks like the Cavs have no interest in retaining Luol Deng. It's reported that the frontrunner is Miami, with Dallas, Atlanta, and Phoenix also in the mix. Honestly, if he goes to Miami, that's like a poor man's version of the Big 3. They'll be a playoff team for sure. And Cleveland is unwilling to trade Wiggins for K-Love...IMO, that's a mistake. Wiggins is still unproven and very raw, and...
So now Pau Gasol's top teams are the Bulls and Spurs???  Kind of an about-face after teams like OKC and New York were reported as the frontrunners.  He can help both Chicago and San Antonio, but playing for Pop probably gives him a better shot at another ring (Gasol can definitely make San Antonio winning back-to-back titles for the first time a reality if he stays healthy).  He'll probably like the pass-heavy offense in SA more, too.    Now if both Melo and Gasol sign...
Yeah, of course.  I guess winning doesn't mean much to him anymore.  Shame because I think he's still got a lot of good years left in him and he can push a team on the cusp of reaching that title contender level over the top. Hopefully this means we'll see more of the old CB1 from Toronto now and less of the CB4 from the Big 3 era in Miami.  I want to see him play more in the low post and be that 20 and 10 guy again.
Thanks for clearing this up.  Yeah, I'm done trying to make sense of the current CBA... And yeah, echoing the sentiments of a lot of posters in here about Bosh re-signing with the Heat.  Stupid.  He was the perfect fit for Houston.  Guess those "crazy cousins" in Houston really are lunatics...
Yes, but there's a soft cap and a hard cap, and the hard cap can't be breached no matter what. Cavs would be real close to the hard cap. I need to double-check because I might be talking out of my ass here, but I think that's the case.
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