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Vintage D-Will came to play tonight.  He's got 33 points.  This crossover on DeMarre Carroll was just filthy.       This game is going to OT in Brooklyn, by the way.   EDIT: Ok, how are the lowly Nets giving Atlanta so much trouble?  The Hawks are not looking like championship contenders right now...
K-Love's shoulder just popped out! EDIT: This is a chippy game. JR Smith was just ejected. K-Love and Jae Crowder are out for the game with injuries.
Hawks played like shit. Brook Lopez played great D, though -- ATL shot 1-of-17 on shots that Lopez contested and 0-of-8 at the rim.  Bojan Bogdanovic was productive offensively, but D-Will still looks terrible.
LMA's free agency is definitely intriguing. Miami is another rumored destination that makes sense, at least on paper. He'd form a pretty lethal frontcourt with Chris Bosh, and with Dragic facilitating, that would be a scary offense.
Steph Curry would have gotten the foul call if he missed the 3.  Seriously, I'm getting tired of this bullshit.  If it's a foul, call the damn foul...Also, if it's a travel, call the fucking travel (and that was definitely a travel by Marreese Speights).
 Get a friend to help you out.  It's a pain in the ass to do it yourself.
Lol, that was a travel by Speights on that offensive rebound, too.  Pelicans got dicked by everyone last night. Also, this sentence from the latest Grantland article basically sums up how I feel about Kyrie:
Does anyone have any experience ordering StC's on a customized last through a different retailer?  Like, for example, StC has a trunk show here in NYC and I get fitted for a customized last by Philipp and order a pair of shoes.  Can I then place an order through Skoak using the customized last I was fitted for in NYC?  Skoak's pricing is just too good.   Ideally, I'd just get measured in NYC without placing an order, just pay the fee for the custom last through whatever...
Kawhi Leonard wins DPOY (ahem, that's Kia DPOY) and is the first wing player to win since Ron Artest in 2004.  Interestingly, Leonard did not garner the most 1st-place votes.  Draymond Green did, but Kawhi had the most total points among voters.
Just that one sequence last night where he committed the 8-second backcourt turnover (while Houston wasn't even applying pressure) and then left JET wide open to hit an uncontested 3 pretty much summed up his stint as a Mav. He never really gelled with that team and didn't make an effort to. I guess he felt like the team didn't cater to his skill set enough. Primadonna.
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