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 Still so pissed the Steelers beat them in the Super Bowl. So many good players on that Cards team who deserved a ring -- Kurt Warner, Fitz, Anquan Boldin, Edgerrin James, Adrian Wilson. At least Warner got one during the Greatest Show on Turf era.
The NBA released this highlight reel on White Chocolate's 40th birthday. The guy was turnover-prone at times, but definitely one of the flashiest players ever. So cool to watch.  
I literally can't even right now.
Damn, I missed this thread and your trip to NYC    Please come back soon!
I feel like if any team embodies that "next man up" mentality, it's the Pats. Guys like Branden Bolden and Danny Amendola have lots of experience playing with Brady already and can fill the void.
I must have missed this when I placed my order  Or I annoyed them to no end that they just didn't want to deal with me anymore. Yeah, this is most likely what happened.
This Phoenix backcourt is pretty nasty.  
Just...bleh... http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2588876-titans-and-jaguars-to-wear-new-color-rush-uniforms-in-week-11-clash Also, this... http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2589035-nfls-color-rush-uniforms-for-jets-bills-game-was-a-disaster-for-colorblind-pe
Last time I checked, MTO Aurum shoes start at €1100 (MTO Argentum starts at €650, I think?). Tack on an additional €300 for trial shoes to modify the fit and another €50 for metal toe taps. Not sure what the upcharges are for boots, modifying a standard pattern, or for exotic leathers.
Giants are going to get smashed this Sunday. That's not even up for debate. Tom Brady is probably going to go for it on every 4th down and try for a 2-pt conversion after every touchdown. Probably still going to be slinging the ball all over the field when they're up by 30.
New Posts  All Forums: