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Any details on Bestetti's trunk show at Leffot?  The only things mentioned on Leffot's website and the FB event they created were the dates -- October 16 and 17.  Any info on pricing?
I definitely want an S last oxford whenever they actually start taking orders for it.  Any GMTO ideas?
Minnesota is trying to sign Eric Bledsoe to a max contract... EDIT: I should add that Minny can't sign him outright to the deal because of cap restrictions, so they have to construct a sign-and-trade with Phoenix.
Wow, this guy's a fucking idiot...   http://www.tmz.com/2014/09/16/dwight-howard-license-suspended-red-light-violater
Yeah, I responded to you the first time you asked that question...
And as expected, Team USA blows out Serbia for the gold.  Kyrie just went nuts, shooting 6-for-6 from 3.  America's C-team isn't so bad.  
I paid Steve directly through PayPal for my last GMTO.
 Basically my point of view exactly.
 A shit-kicker disguised as a dress shoe...honestly can't think of a better description haha. Yes, that's exactly what I"m looking for.The minimum order is 6 pairs. Steve mentioned that he got 8 or 9 interests via PM and this thread. Not sure if he was counting the people who merely stuck their heads in the thread and commented or were on the fence regarding the sole, but Steve said he'd probably close this GMTO by the end of the month. Plenty of time to get 3 or 4...
New Posts  All Forums: