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Second year in a row that The Truth is giving Toronto the business...
No, can't round. Yeah, I agree it's still impressive, especially since his 3PT% is higher than his FG%, which almost never happens.
Remember when we were all talking about how Kyle Korver would be the first player in the 50-50-90 club? Turns out he fell short in all 3 categories...48.7-49.2-89.8 splits on the season. Bummer.
If they come to NYC, I'm definitely commissioning something.
Managed to score 10,000+ points over his career with a broke-ass jump shot 
I think ultimately Brooks stays.  KD has publicly defended him in the media and the fact that they won 45 games in the brutal West after dealing with all of those player injuries says something.  I have a feeling KD would consider the firing of Brooks a big factor when it comes time to decide what to do when he's a free agent...   And they're considering Billy Donovan as his replacement???  Yeah, I think Scott Brooks is definitely staying...
Ok, gotcha.
 Nice, but I would recommend against ordering 2 pairs at once.  Even with trial shoes, the fit of the final pair will not be on the level of full bespoke.  Once you get to wear the first final pair for a while, you can provide additional feedback to Antonio and he can tweak the fit some more for your second pair.  Just my 2 cents.
ESPN Stats & Info: #Hawks are second-weakest 60-win team (out of 47) over last 30 seasons based on net efficiency (+5.6 points per 100 poss)   Thought that was an interesting stat...they do play in the East, though...
Good, the Nets made the playoffs. If they didn't, they would have potentially had to fork over a top-10 pick to the Hawks this summer. Brooklyn can get assblasted by ATL in the first round now for all I care.
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