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I tried on a pair of normal width Rain brogues at The Armoury, but I had to size up too much to get them to fit wide-wise and they turned out to be too roomy length-wise.  They didn't have any wide-width Rain shoes to try on, so I kind of ordered blind through Steve (although I sent in my foot measurements).  So I'm still not 100% on my sizing and wanna get that squared away before I order another pair.
Rubio doesn't even start for Spain and the scouting report on him is simple -- he can't shoot (never cracked 40% in the NBA or the Euroleague), lacks quickness, and is a one-trick pony with his passing.  Navarro is a dinosaur at 34 and will get burned one-on-one against any of Team USA's guards, allowing easy dribble penetration and drive-and-kick opportunities.  I know he and Fernandez are technically NBA-caliber, but the last time Navarro and Fernandez played in the NBA...
So you're agreeing with me even though you think Team USA relies way too much on Faried and Davis...that makes no sense. How are they screwed if Davis and Faried don't produce when they have the deepest roster in the tournament? This was the whole point of Coach K bringing 5 bigs to the tournament this time around. EDIT: never mind, you said if. It was HRoi who said that. Carry on. Still, though, I see a lot of people saying Spain are the favorites and it amuses me.
Not sure why everyone is on Spain's jock this tournament (not even talking about the people in this thread, just in general from what I'm reading from various sportswriters online and shit)...their one strength is their frontcourt and they can only play 2 of their 3 best players at any one time (Ibaka and the Gasol brothers).  Their backcourt is trash (except for maybe Rudy Fernandez) and will not be able to stay in front of any of Team USA's guards on defense.  Spain's...
I do, but like I said before, I need to make sure I have my sizing down first.  Steve, what's the ETA on the burgundy U-cap GMTO?
Well, Andray Blatche plays for the Philippines
Still pulled out the 21-point win. Turkey's P&R offense was pretty potent through the first half and halfway through the 3rd. Once Team USA started clogging the passing lanes, it was over for Turkey. Say what you want about Harden's defense, but he's been doing pretty well generating steals so far this tournament. Anthony Davis just went off in the 2nd half and Kenneth Faried played well throughout. That steal on Omer Asik and subsequent dunk was laughably bad on Asik's part.
Yeah, this is kind of what I'm afraid of. I was part of the burgundy U-cap Rain last GTMO and got an extra wide fitting. Not sure how it will turn out, so I want to get the shoes and try them on (and make sure the sizing is right) before I commit to another Rain GMTO, although I really do love that makeup that Justin is suggesting.
 I really like this shoe and would be in for the GMTO, but I currently have another GMTO going with Steve (also a Rain last shoe) and I want to make sure I have the sizing down first with that pair before I order a second pair. I'm not a big boot person, so this seems like the perfect fall/winter shoe for me.
Bosh is probably done with international play.  He played well in the 2008 Olympics, but didn't make the 2012 squad (not even sure if he made himself available for the games).  Ryan Anderson played on the Select Team, but he's too injury-prone and needed the offseason to recoup.  LaMarcus Aldridge pulled out earlier this summer to rest up.  Ultimately, I think Rudy Gay fills the spread 4 role nicely for this team.   Here's Steph Curry's no-look BTB pass.  Was sick to see...
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