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Yes, you're correct, it is subjective. I forgot to put 'IMO' in my previous post. I wasn't trying to speak for others. The 'Armoury' premium definitely makes sense.
I heard somewhere starting in the $6k range, so just a tad bit less than Liverano. I'm obviously not talking from firsthand experience, but $7,200 for Liverano seems fair all things considered. Still too rich for my blood
Seems like par for the course, no? Len Logsdail charges in the same neighborhood.
Yeah, as an American, I'm chasing a unicorn, I'm afraid.
Well, he said he lives close to the border, so I believe he can come down into the States and pick up items shipped to a location close to him. Whether he declares anything on his way home is another story Also, Vass does not ship directly to North America. Forgot to mention that in my previous post.
 Yes, but he will have to pay customs fees, which can be lethal to the wallet .
I am. He's in Canada, but close to the American border. Nik, if I'm reading your intentions right, you're trying to buy a pair of MTO Vass shoes shipped to Canada for as close to the 440 EUR ex. VAT that Europeans pay as possible, correct? That's what I've been looking to do for quite some time now and there unfortunately isn't a viable option short of hopping on a plane to Budapest and paying in cash. NMWA charges $845 for a pair including trees (that's just for...
 Yup, you're in the same boat as I am .
Hey, guys, just wondering what NMWA charges for a single MTO Vass pair of shoes. No crazy make-up, just standard calf, metal toe-taps, and lasted shoe trees (although I am looking to get an odd-sized pair as my left foot is a bit larger than my right, so it would be size 43.5H left shoe and size 43H right shoe). I'm looking to possibly get a pair of oxfords on the new S last. Thanks!
 Where are you ordering from if you do decide to place an order? Directly through Vass? That does not appear to be an option for Americans like me .Any suggestions for buying MTO Vass shoes as someone who lives in the USA? My last pair of Vass were a GMTO placed through Notch and the buying experience was pleasant and went smoothly enough, but the customs fee hurt pretty bad. Any alternatives?
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