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 Yes, bespoke shoe trees are not included in the price for Aurum MTO's.
idfnl probably had an aneurysm reading this.
Based on my latest correspondence with Antonio, the pricing is as follows: Standard MTO for shoes: €650 Aurum MTO for shoes: €1,100 Last modification and Goodyear-welted trial shoes (available for both standard and Aurum): €300 LuLu metal toe-taps: €50 3-piece bespoke shoe trees: €150 2-piece bespoke shoe trees: €120 Shipping (for me in NYC): €180 (this covered both the trial shoes and the final pair) A couple caveats -- I have no idea what the markups are for exotic...
 No, this doesn't sound right.  His standard line is handwelted, too. 
I love wholecuts.  My weird foot dimensions prohibit me from buying a RTW pair willy-nilly, though.  I will have to go the MTO route in the future.
That comes out to about $850...wow, that's a fantastic price for handwelted seamless wholecuts.  Way to go on these.
Incotex gets some love around here.
http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2406930-robin-lopez-cant-stop-terrorizing-nba-mascots   My respect for Robin Lopez just skyrocketed.
 For me, those test shoes I posted are going to be for a pebble-grain cap-toe adelaide Aurum model, so Antonio did smooth calf and just a regular oxford for my test shoes. Getting a completely different looking pair of test shoes is what everyone intends to do at first, but Antonio will only allow minor differences.  Like, you can get a different color and some minor cosmetic differences (no broguing vs. broguing is one example), but the style of the shoes have to be the...
 Yes, you can keep the test shoes.
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