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My man Russ with his 4th straight triple-double. Dude is making a huge push for MVP down the stretch.
JaVale McGee waived.  Is there a contender out there willing to pick him up?   And MJ is officially a billionaire.  
Wow wtf was up with that no-call at the end of regulation?  Harden and LeBron lock arms and the ref is literally standing 5 feet away...
Noooo, Russ took a knee to the face and now there's a dent in his head! http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2283104-russell-westbrook-injury-updates-on-thunder-stars-face-and-return Dude just put up his 3rd straight triple-double, too...
 Eh, judging by your previous posts, this was never really a priority of yours anyway.  Congrats on the award!
Ugh, how could Russ miss that layup at the end of OT?  
So you're one of those "guilty until proven innocent" types...That's a fun way to live life...
I'm sure we all read it (and thought it). I just was the one to put it here. For my amusement.
Not to drag this out any longer than it has to, but I'm just gonna leave this here...From part 2 of Bill Simmons' trade value article:
The brown scotchgrain cap-toe adelaide GMTO inspired me to arrange my own MTO without the cap-toe.  Can't wait to receive them from Steve!  
New Posts  All Forums: