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Up to 67% off this Pro Power Rack at Sears Outlet:  http://www.searsoutlet.com/Pro-Power-Rack/d/product_details.jsp?md=ct_md&cid=35&pn=1&ps=25&pid=119870&mode=buyUsedOnly&itemSelectionType=all The one review it has says: “ Fairly good machine”, so might be (fairly) interesting. 
Seriously? Zero comment on that?????
They do, just need to wait for sales season...
Hi, quote on 8D Mora 2.0 in either Bourbon or Black Calf? Thanks.
So what's happening on the latest episode of this show?
Wasn't aware this was spoiler alert official thread (although since you're not specifying the name of the show, that's not really spoiling...)
 Cold is happening (not that last winter was particularly mellow)
Talking about shops with discounted SNS clothing, Le Rayon Frais is offering 30% off with coupon 4YEARS
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