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Cheers! I am interested in their "brown suede letterman jacket" (also made in China) but not sure it's worth the $375 sale price (let alone the initial price...)
What's the quality like for Todd Snyder own brand & the Champion collaboration? A lot of stuff are made in China.
Has anyone tried either the "Tan Cream Herringbone Flannel" or the "Light Yellow Peach Bengal Stripes" shirt? Thinking about ordering them (although the former would need to wait for colder days).
What's the condition?
What's the sizing on those?
Up to 67% off this Pro Power Rack at Sears Outlet: The one review it has says: “ Fairly good machine”, so might be (fairly) interesting. 
Seriously? Zero comment on that?????
They do, just need to wait for sales season...
Hi, quote on 8D Mora 2.0 in either Bourbon or Black Calf? Thanks.
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