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$35 off your order at Blank Label - http://www.blanklabel.com/invitation/r7e2a93
I would go with brown loafers but other than that I like this list the most.
I just asked Jamison when they would be rolling out the 2013 spring collection and he replied, "In the next week or two we should send out our first email. It will be mostly pants--the rest of the spring items will roll in a little later. Cheers, Jamison"
Could I get some quotes for:   Brown Neumoras 10D Walnut Strands 10D   Shipping to Ohio,USA
it goes into his breast pocket to become his pocket square lol 
 Thats what I did.  Fits like a glove.... err shoe.
ModernTailor.com  has a special deal for first time customers.  They have reasonable prices ranging from $50 to $180 per shirt.  It is my favorite place to order custom made shirts from bc I love a spread collar.
You dont pay VAT but you pay international shipping which is essentially the same price as the VAT.  So when all is said and done, you subtract the VAT but add on the shipping and you are back where you started, around 160 some euros.  Convert that over to USD and its about $220.
black sport coat: with denim, I say yes.  with navy trousers, I say no.   blue sport coat with black pants: OPPA GANGNAM STYLE! 
I am no tailor but what tailoring would you guys recommend on their jackets?  (besides the obvious that the sleeves are way too long)   I have 2 BR sport coats and they fit great, except for the fact that their sleeves are too long.  That is really the only tailoring I need to get on their jackets.
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