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I imagine he bought it off b&s..
they are. no set date, but expect it to close soon. and when they close, they're not just stopping mtm, they're shutting down completely
oh shit... what a terrible way to find out I'm gay
haha, I'm straight, but I guess I value the opinions of those who like men.. if that makes sense.nonetheless, I'll shave it. I can always grow it back if I miss it
gay friend told me to keep it dat internal struggle
thanks. also, screw it, I'll shave tonight. you guys break me
looks a bit awkward in the picture but it looks good in person or in pictures.but I'll refrain from uploading a selfie.if girls like it, I'll keep it. sorry to disappoint you, styleforum.also you people are unnecessarily rude sometimes
funny ^ but I just value females opinions on my aesthetics over males, no offense. also, I'm almost 18 and when I'm clean shaven, people think I'm around 16. people think I'm 18 or older with facial hair, which I like, because I generally get more respect
thanks for the advice. I've actually been on the fence about it. I've asked a few dudes and they've told me to shave it. but every female I've asked has said to keep it because it makes me look older, no baby face, etc. so I think I'll keep it for a while.also yay 500 posts
spirit week at school this week. today was "color wars." each grade had a different color to wear. seniors were black, so here's my get up. brands: glasses - Warby Parker jacket - TOJ shirt - old navy jeans - uniqlo shoes - converse ring - hand made
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