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yes butthis.I have a 46 with 48 length toj1 and the sleeves are a bit short(maybe an inch - doesnt bother me much). I have long arms, though. I'm 5'9, 145, and the sleeve measurement on my mdr is 25 inches. stock 46 is 24.2. hope that provides some insight
get a sand tan channel quilt bcdr
length is good, wouldn't hurt for an extra inch in the sleeves. when did you order?
no, no
nice. let's see some fit pics, man
lamb is known for being buttery soft and luxurious. calfskin will be thicker, tougher, and more apt to taking a beating. you'll definitely want lambskin.
nice svb. would like to see longer jacket sleeves for sure. what glasses are those? they look just like mine (warby parker miles.) also I shaved. damn you styleforum
I imagine he bought it off b&s..
they are. no set date, but expect it to close soon. and when they close, they're not just stopping mtm, they're shutting down completely
oh shit... what a terrible way to find out I'm gay
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