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shoulders 17.3"chest (pit-to-pit) 20.3"midsection 18.0"waist 18.5"body length, front 21.2"body length, back 23.3"sleeve length, from shoulder 25.0"sleeve width @ pit 7.0"sleeve width @ elbow 6.1"sleeve width @ cuff 5.0"140-145, 5'9 broad shoulders, short torso, long arms, asked for the drew fit. went up .3 in shoulders.lol I have alien arms
pretty sure that's magicalporks or whatever, right? looks fucking sick
was hoping to get my July 8 2010dr before December 7th but that definitely didn't happen. Now hoping to get it before Christmas but the future looks dim. I will be a sad, sad boy if I don't get in before my 18th birthday in January. This Friday marks 23 weeks
correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think black and yellow has been done yet and I think it'd look pretty sweet (although I wouldn't get it for myself).
yeah I leave mine and just classify it as character. I doubt obenhaufs would do much anyways.
my email about pull tabs for my toj1 got ignored. 20 weeks in on my 2010dr order. much anticipation such waiting wow
"rave" is sort of a loose interpretation. more of rave clothing, a bunch of kids in a room, and lots of loud electronic music. I decide how its run and make sure everything runs smoothely. I think it'd be sort of silly for a host to be in typical rave-gear and personally I'd like to set myself apart. this is sort of a terrible de-rail, though so if anyone would like to argue further my inbox is open to all
10/10 v helpful.I want an ivory channel quilt mdr. wish the ivory was still available
pretty sure that wasn't aimed at me. if it was, oh well, it's the internet. honestly this thread has been the same pretty much since they announced shut down. lack of curry recipes is because drew isn't active anymore. if we want good discussion somebody will have to start it and it won't be me
New Posts  All Forums: