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    Sorry for the late response, thanks guys! Much appreciated!
Feedback is appreciated :)       please ignore the stupid face     [[SPOILER]]
sent ya another email, I have enough to afford them now if you're still selling
Do you have more pictures of the cps? I'm interested
I suppose it is nice, i guess I just want something lighter because i wear my Rogue Territory RK ISC trousers everyday and I don't want to navy overload. Plus I've never spent that much on clothing so I want it to be perfect (feel pretty sad saying that but whatever). I'll probably end up getting navy/tan anyways; as of right now it's my favorite, and it'll still look good with my navy trousers, I'm sure.
would this: http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=2311 not be the navy/sand tan? idk, maybe it's just the pic, but this kinda makes me lean against it, and kinda want navy/gray instead. I would really kill for a gray/cream, or maybe something similar. Trying hard to decided which colorway I want.
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