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Yes. ub201s are much fuller cut than I anticipated as well, but I just hemmed mine and rocked them with small cuffs. You're not gonna get good looking stacks out of a 7.75 in. leg opening
What is yoox roulette? buying a bunch of things off of yoox, hoping you like at least one, and taking advantage of the return policy?
Oh jeez. oxyclean is great but I don't think I'd want to use it on leather. What happened?
Thanks, man. I was just gonna use a wet wipe to wipe them down, but figured some more input would be nice. didn't know about the toothbrush thing, thanks again.
what's the best way to clean cps? I have the vintage Achilles low in green/white (leather). they're pretty beat up, bought second hand, so I'd just like to know an efficient way to get some of the dirt off of the white leather.
hollows leather? heard great things about his belts
can you guess my name
    Sorry for the late response, thanks guys! Much appreciated!
Feedback is appreciated :)       please ignore the stupid face     [[SPOILER]]
sent ya another email, I have enough to afford them now if you're still selling
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