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what's your style like? what are you looking for? penny loafers or espadrilles, perhaps.
Damn this thread really blew up. I think I'll be putting my money towards a used toj now daypack looks so good
Yes to the above two ^
I've always yearned for a jacket like that. I buy second hand and shop sales and have quite a few "nice" pieces (cps, rogue territory jeans, onetruesaxon jacket, ray bans,galaxys3[not clothes but I saved up and bought one hardly used) so I usually end up getting the nice pieces I really lust after. it's just hard to see a toj as something attainable at this point in my life, but hopefully someday soon I'll have one!
I almost want a toj even more now. all that said, I think he should get the bomber
that is what I meant. and you make good points. I've been considering buying second hand, actually. i'm avoiding spending money on alcohol/weed/going out to eat etc. and selling my clothes. $125 currently and going strong. I'm just not very optimistic and have trouble finding a job that isn't a burger slave at a fast food joint. plus my mom wants me to save up and pay for six months of car insurance (~$600) and she said she'd consider buying me a car if she could afford...
clever. my parents don't pay for much besides food and shelter for me. I have to pay for anything towards a car. including the car, gas, and insurance. plus I buy all my own clothes and use my money for spending money on weekends. not complaining, but I won't ever be able to afford a toj. but one can dream. Kinda of hard to believe someone can blow that much cash at 18. I guess not so hard to believe when the money belongs to the person's parents.
"How do you know if someone is straight edge? don't worry, they'll tell you." old, recycled joke, but still applicable..
like what? like if you have all of the "basics" covered (I.e. car,gas,books,rent,food or whatever else) and you have the money, what would be a better buy, in your opinion? Just curious, as a 17 year old.
as a student, I prefer the day pack. conversely, as a student, I'm too poor to afford such a nice bag
New Posts  All Forums: