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Selling for $70 shipped, via paypal to the USA only.   - Never washed - Never hung up - <20 wears - No smell - No tears - Vintage fit   collar to the bottom of the ribbing is 25 inches(back length). pit to pit is 22 inches. at the bottom where the ribbing starts is 18 inches. sleeve (raglan) is 30 inches, from the collar to the end of the sleeve.
dub post
can we go back to posting pictures of cool outfits rather than circle jerk over who is superior
Never really liked american crew fiber. I'm blonde(as seen above) and it always gave me a tad bit of shine that I didn't really want. Even though it was advertised as matte. Plus the hold just isn't very good. My hair would always fall within the first few hours of the day. just my little mini-review, though. I don't think it'd work for that look
it was posted a few days ago
I've heard so many good things about them. wish they had my size in stock online
Yeah someone sell me a 29 whilst getting rid of the single drawer full of t000's.. tbh this isn't the first time I've heard of people buying multiple pairs of t000's, someone on SuFu mentioned they did it as well
there lots of cp sizing info if you look around, but I'm a 10.5 in vans and a 43 in cp Achilles lows of that provides any insight
street wear its a very broad term, give us a bit more insight into what you wear/your style so that we can give better recommendations for you
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