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I know, that's pretty much exclusively what I wear, I just don't want to do navy top + navy bottoms. plus I'm skeptical on black top with navy trousers but I think it might work
May I ask how you plan on styling yours? I wanted one but I decided against it, because I wear navy bottoms everyday and they just wouldn't look good paired together, and most of my wardrobe is earth tones and such anyways. now I'm thinking of buying a MDR in gray. or a toj0 in black/black and buying more black to go with it. Dont have enough for a toj yet but I'm trying to decide what I really want once I do have the money. probably the lightweight baseball if it comes...
wait, seriously? Damn.
You have to wait 45 days after joining to post there.
for s/s http://www.shopacrimony.com/products/wings-horns-sand-s-s-henley or save up for TOJ or buy a more interesting/better piece or drop acid this weekend. go.
imo they're super gimmicky and I'd certainly never wear them, but it's interestinh to see other pics of people in them and I'm curious to see how they turn out. Cool concept, but they'll probably look stupid. I've seen a few pictures from like a few days wear, kind of interesting.
Yeah it's a bad color combo, especially with the brown shoes. that would be a good next step
more dark brown, the first picture is with flash
I prefer the common projects derbies, but they're a little pricey
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