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with all this baller sneaker talk it's probably a good time to post this. this happened to my CP's today, wat do? (btw I love my CP's and I get lots of compliments even from rednecks in arkansas)
  I live in Arkansas :/ pretty much true, though. It sucks here. I'm in a spa town with lots of nature and healing waters and that shit, plus it's full of art and hipsters so it's not too podunk so i manage
would love to see this being worn!
I love this
think he was joking
I like the white ones but the others are ugly imo
I remember he said he loved them in the contentedness threadis it creepy that I know that
my cps were super uncomfortable at first but they stretched(both in the sides and toe box) and they feel super good now. but if you're a 43 you can just sell them to me instead
so much hate
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