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I remember he said he loved them in the contentedness threadis it creepy that I know that
my cps were super uncomfortable at first but they stretched(both in the sides and toe box) and they feel super good now. but if you're a 43 you can just sell them to me instead
so much hate
So I was at the mall shopping for a dress with my girlfriend. A shitty strip mall in central arkansas, of all places. I was being my normal douchey self, judging all the 12 year old emos, when suddenly I saw something that blew my mind. This black guy, with this weird braided hair (it kind poofed up and looked like there was an elastic band tied around his scalp) wearing this l/s, all over printed tiger shirt, a printed bag (looked like LV or something -- something rich...
buy mmm sidezips.
  how hot does it get there? It was about 75 yesterday and i could wear mine comfortably but if it was a little hotter I would have had to take it off. I'd get a lighter wash
wore a denim jacket, white v neck, 10.5oz trousers, and cps. about 30 this morning (i could see my breath and was shivering my ass off) and by the afternoon is was so hot i started sweating and had to take off my jacket
hmm. I can see that. Thanks!
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