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won't take too much longer to get derailed, though. as soon as dp92 feels like providing his superior insight once again
that hoodie needs to be burned, sorry man edit: burn the moustache while you're at it
not sure how people here feel about Clark's desert boots around here, but a pair in taupe suede(or perhaps a different color since you seem to like black) sounds like it would work well for you. plus they can be had for around $80 on Amazon. alternatively, tan suede bucks. I think ll bean or lands end or bass carry them
fwiw, I think your fit got a bit over criticized for what it was and looked pretty good. not great but I do agree with a lot of your responses to the criticisms
saying that everyone else needs to grow up is quite ironic
I use the stock camera on my gs3. it has a 10s timer which works. haven't really found a better camera app but recs would be cool. also, I use a coffee lid and a dixie cup with a slit in it for a tripid, lol. it all works pretty well.also lol @ dp92, what a pretentious douche
Brown chunky florsheim long wings would be great here, in fact, I even know a guy selling a pair. (cough)
I've been eyeballing those side zips for a while but I'm too poor plus toj is higher on want list
rolling up the pants seems off here and the socks match the shirt so it looks extra weird imo... basically you should unroll the pants and you're good. Shirt looks great
little late to be expressing interest
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