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I've been eyeballing those side zips for a while but I'm too poor plus toj is higher on want list
rolling up the pants seems off here and the socks match the shirt so it looks extra weird imo... basically you should unroll the pants and you're good. Shirt looks great
little late to be expressing interest
with all this baller sneaker talk it's probably a good time to post this. this happened to my CP's today, wat do? (btw I love my CP's and I get lots of compliments even from rednecks in arkansas)
  I live in Arkansas :/ pretty much true, though. It sucks here. I'm in a spa town with lots of nature and healing waters and that shit, plus it's full of art and hipsters so it's not too podunk so i manage
would love to see this being worn!
I love this
think he was joking
I like the white ones but the others are ugly imo
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