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the last time some one did that in waywt everybody blew up and a huge argument got started. but that tends to happen a lot, in the few months I've been here, though
get the CP's
these are ugly as fuck, sorry man
  [[SPOILER]]       [[SPOILER]]
How did you measure the shoulders? and what are your shoulder measurements ?
like a skinny person with a little bit of pudge
consider someone buys a toj in a stock size that retails for 780, how much do you think that person could resell it for? out of curiosity
How tall are you? post a pic, I don't think it's possible to weigh 110 and look chubby at all, if you're average height
  party tonight. please ignore the stupid expression    levis x bleach/hanes x [ink/wine/sharpie/blood/sweat/spray paint]/rogue territory/chucks
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