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I do, don't see why not if you have an extra pair of shoe trees
I carry a leather duffel to my dads house every other weekend. I can store like 2 pairs of shoes (not including what I'm wearing) and a few outfits worth of clothes, as well as things like toiletries and my sunglasses and phone;dr: short trips
I want to joking tell you to get it, but I also just wanna say that that is really fucking weird.
price dropped!
ohhh. pardon my ignorance
the daypack had more interest shown than the helmet bag, so Drew went through and produced the daypack and said he might produce the helmet bag later if there is more interest.(correct me if I'm wrong here)
Damn I'm slow
the last time some one did that in waywt everybody blew up and a huge argument got started. but that tends to happen a lot, in the few months I've been here, though
get the CP's
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