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white kids be struggling these days. and I'll change that!... soon...ish... hopefully
friday marks 27 weeks for me! was hoping I'd get to spend my 18th birthday in my 2010dr but chances look slim. toj1 as a substitute still going strong
lol. don't know how you could mix us up.anyways week 25 now, still truckin
today marks 24 for me. I don't know how I still have my sanity
if you're lucky. I've waited about 6 months, some people have waited almost 7 months for their dr's and still waiting
nice. you'll be about 45 minutes away from me. I'm moving to Fayetteville for college next fall though. anyways, off topic. almost 24 weeks in on my 2010 dr. anyone got tracking for a dr recently?
another SF'er in arkansas?? I'll be damned. where are you moving to? I'm in Hot Springs. small but beautiful
it is when you live in Arkansas
got to 20 degree F here once. I was bundled up in everything I had and I thought I was gonna turn into an icicle. arkansas represent. yee haw.
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