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another SF'er in arkansas?? I'll be damned. where are you moving to? I'm in Hot Springs. small but beautiful
it is when you live in Arkansas
got to 20 degree F here once. I was bundled up in everything I had and I thought I was gonna turn into an icicle. arkansas represent. yee haw.
shoulders 17.3"chest (pit-to-pit) 20.3"midsection 18.0"waist 18.5"body length, front 21.2"body length, back 23.3"sleeve length, from shoulder 25.0"sleeve width @ pit 7.0"sleeve width @ elbow 6.1"sleeve width @ cuff 5.0"140-145, 5'9 broad shoulders, short torso, long arms, asked for the drew fit. went up .3 in shoulders.lol I have alien arms
pretty sure that's magicalporks or whatever, right? looks fucking sick
was hoping to get my July 8 2010dr before December 7th but that definitely didn't happen. Now hoping to get it before Christmas but the future looks dim. I will be a sad, sad boy if I don't get in before my 18th birthday in January. This Friday marks 23 weeks
correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think black and yellow has been done yet and I think it'd look pretty sweet (although I wouldn't get it for myself).
yeah I leave mine and just classify it as character. I doubt obenhaufs would do much anyways.
my email about pull tabs for my toj1 got ignored. 20 weeks in on my 2010dr order. much anticipation such waiting wow
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