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You can't go wrong with either, but I personally prefer the MDR
Just washed my hair with baking soda for the first time in like a month+. It was thick and hard to control which isn't like it usually is. usually it's pretty easily messed with but it'll stay no matter what I do with it. let it dry a bit and went to bed and when I woke up it was sticking straight up. I don't wash my hair very often and when I do it's with baking soda. ever since I started doing it that way, it's strong and healthy. I never need any product or even a blow...
if the 10s were glove tight with socks on, and you plan on wearing them sockless, get 10s.
Lol. they are rogue territory rk isc trousers
they are not easily pleased, I find
Hahaha. doesn't really look like yogurt, I know
fffffffucccckkiingggg yogurt stain time to wash these babies. Been about 3 months but they deserve a wash.
@fides: you really need to learn how to multi-quote
thread should have ended here
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