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 I'll probably just save for a TOJ. I just wanted some input and other opinions. It's hard to save for a jacket you want when a pair of sneakers you also want pops up for cheap. Sorry to bother you guys with my nonsense 
What? Why not..? I'm saving and selling my things specifically for a toj.a lightly worn pair of shoes at ata step discount, I don't see a problem in doing so. I probably won't buy them anyhow, I just wanted some different opinions.
I know. fuck. I don't wanna knock out that much of what I earned right now since it's hard to make money without a job (although I'm looking, most places won't hire at 17) but I figured I won't be able to find a pair of cps this cheap again
I have $214 right now, been selling stuff trying to get a TOJ but I'm lost. I found a pair of CP bball highs in white hardly used came up somewhere for $165 shipped and I'm not sure if I should cop or keep saving for a toj. also, I don't know what toj I should get. toj0 2013 in gray with black lamb sleeves and black hardware for$380/charcoal ma-1 for$450/black lamb BCDR with silver zips for $780. I feel like I need a toj or more interesting clothing than I have to wear the...
if you can, drop by a thrift store or two and see if they have any pants pants or shoes that would work better
I would agree, but I think he was referring to how tight it looks. I can't imagine being comfortable in something that fits that slim.
    i dont like the shirt around the waist here but i love everything else
Thanks for the heads up
I agree, I think the length is good. looks like it hits right below the belt, which I think is a good look, over the "cropped" look of ending at the top of the belt.
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