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Well I didn't click the link but if you wash that often then they will lose color all over, fast. I'd recommend washing like every two months
lol post 78787^ also I got drunk off of my ass last night and grappled some dude who was sober and it was stupid. he had me in a choke hold pretty much the whole time but I kept my chin down and threw punches and knees to his back the whole time. he ended up giving up but I really shouldn't grapple while I'm drunk
technically I got tracking yesterday because I bought a toj1 2011 in black/blacklamb/digicamo off of someone, can't wait for it to get here.
It'd take some serious bulking to fill out those sleeves, man. I recommend just taking the shirt to a tailor to have the arms slimmed. Good on you for joining a gym, though. stick with it!
short sleeves not working^
b!cd, I say keep. also this is the first time I've seen a pic of you and your hair is awesome
look up lean gains/intermittent fasting
this is the perfect response
I've given up on nahneun
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