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look up lean gains/intermittent fasting
this is the perfect response
I've given up on nahneun
size 30 waist, measures 16 inches across
2nd ones
I made a tripod out of of a dixie cup and a plastic coffee lid with some tape and a knife to assemble it. I go out side, put my phone on a self timer and take the pic. You can do it too! (I just don't wanna be left with a shitty blurry mirror pic)
"I was on sf when nahneun got drunk and lost his fit pic virginity"
Omg. making 25 accounts
You should really lurk more. stacking is letting your jeans sit naturally, when they're a bit long, making "stacks" where the denim sits on top of itself. cuffing refers to folding up the hem of the jeans/pants.
You wanna know what to do? A. return the shirts, both of them. B. hit the gym. C. find a decent tailor.Sorry if that sounds mean but it's just about the best advice for you unless you wanna just go MTM.
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